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Vibrant Cities Pack is the sixth Anno 1800 cosmetic DLC, it was released on December 14, 2021. The pack adds 69 new skins, models and variations for Old World residences and 3 for marketplaces. All buildings skins (including non-DLC ones) can be found here.

Skins added for Old World residences are divided into several themes, and each theme is available for specific tiers:

  • Colourful: tiers 1-5
  • Brick: tiers 1-5
  • Inverted: tiers 1-3
  • Nightlife: tiers 4-5

Marketplaces have received three skins, each of them was designed to be more fitting to residences and aesthetics of a specific tier: farmers, engineers or investors.

Official description

Bring your cities to life with this collection of creative and colourful building skins. The Vibrant City Pack contains 69 new skins for your residential buildings, and 3 for your marketplaces.

New Content

  • 3 new models for the marketplace to ensure it fits in well with any residential tier's neighbourhood.
  • 12 new skins each across Farmer, Worker, and Artisan residences to add variety to their looks. Including brick stone, colorful, and inverted themes.
  • 18 new skins for Engineer residences, ranging from industrial brick stone vibes to high-flying casino visuals.
  • 15 new skins for Investor residences, from colorful to casino-inspired.