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    Sandbox: Warehouse

    June 2, 2020 by Quadrilus

    The Warehouse acts as a central logistics hub, collecting and distributing goods to your various production buildings. Warehouses can be built anywhere on your island, but requires a road connection to the Trading Post.  The initial Small Warehouse provides two loading ramps.

    All warehouses take 20 seconds to unload a cart.

    A horse carriage can carry as many tons of resources at a time as their production can hold. The most common value for this is 4t.

    Numbers for production balancing for fully loaded horse carriages of productions with 4t of internal output storage:

    Small - 2 ramps, 6 unloads/min, 24t of resources.

    Medium - 3 ramps, 9 unloads/min, 36t of resources.

    Large - 4 ramps, 12 unloads/min, 48t of resources.

    Grand - 6 ramps, 18 unloads/mi…

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  • Quadrilus

    The Trading Post is the beating heart of a player's control and ownership over an island. Islands are not owned by a player and interaction with them is not possible, until a ship carrying the appropriate materials sails close to a flat piece of shoreline and establishes a new Trading Post from the blueprint that will show.

    Unlike previous entries into the series, only one player can own an island at a time: The one who has build the Trading Post.

    Attacking a Trading Post and destroying it, will not immediately lose the player that owns it, possession over the island. The process of how to capture islands by force, is best described in this page on War - Island Sieges.

    Level Difference from Previous Level Upgrade Cost

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