Anno 1800 Wiki

Repository/list guy. Likes to make big tables and long lists.

Pages I put the most effort into

First repository template on this wiki. Pretty proud of this one.
Sadly deprecated/never implemented/never finished. See Template:Trade Union for the current version.
Production chains
Had a pretty cool/complex table format back when it was new. Uses Template:Chain now, which is obviously superior, but if you want to see some wikitable shenanigans, look at the old version.
I have a python script for this. If you want to change it substantially, just ask me, I can do it way easier.

Pages I use when playing

Production chains

Pages I use when editing

Don't waste hours hunting the picture in Special:Images, we are a big wiki and have this stuff sorted in editor-friendly repositories (not mine, am jealous grr).
Use this when you don't know what to edit. Focus your efforts where they're needed.
Testing page
Not as much these days, but back when most templates were being made + used + regularly edited, this was a lifesaver. It is a dummy page, referenced nowhere else on the user-facing wiki so no matter the mess you make, it's fine. Also handy since Preview isn't that useful in some cases (useless for most templates).
Buildings, Production chains, Items, Goods
Also repository pages of course.

Other Anno games and wikis I play/edit semi-regularly

Anno 1404
the wiki
Anno 2070
the wiki
Anno 2205
the wiki