Tourist Season is the ninth Anno 1800 DLC and was released on 25th of May 2021. It is the second DLC of the Season 3 Pass. It expands the tourism system, adding hotels with Tourists.png Tourists as a new residential tier, and restaurants and bus stops to fulfill their needs. It also adds a new monument called The Iron Tower.png The Iron Tower.

New buildings:

Official description

Turn your cities into travel destinations, with Hotels attracting a new Tourist residential tier! Open Restaurants, Cafés and Bars to impress guests and locals alike with your menus. Connect Tourists by bus to the Hotspots of your city, including a brand-new Monument inspired by one of the greatest structures of the industrial age, the Eiffel Tower!

New Content

  • Hotels & Tourists - Build Hotels across your islands to accommodate the new tourists. Make sure to fulfill the picky tourists' needs to attract more and more.
  • Restaurants, Cafés and Bars - Challenge the taste buds of Tourists an other residents with a variety of Recipes.
  • 'The Iron Tower' Monument - Raise a majestic landmark to honour the Queen herself, and curate the menu inside it at the world-famous "Restaurant La Reine"
  • Tour Buses - Construct an elaborate bus network, with bus stops that connect hotels to the hotspots and sights of your island.
  • Tourism-themed Ornaments - A scenic assortment of delights that a Tourist might expect to find in the most beautiful cities of the world.



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