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The High Life is the tenth Anno 1800 DLC and was released on the 31st of August 2021. It is the third DLC of the Season 3 Pass. It adds modular skyscrapers which house engineers and investors who developed more sophisticated needs, satisfied by new goods and shopping arcades. It also adds a new monument called the Skyline Tower which can be a home for hundreds of investors.

Content of the DLC

The main addition of The High Life DLC are the skyscrapers which allow players to increase the population density of engineers and investors - more people can live in the same area. They are very useful if you want to drastically increase the amount of population you have. Inhabitants of the skyscrapers have additional needs satisfied by shopping arcades and goods produced in multifactories. Shopping arcades can use different patents, requiring different goods and providing reduction of consumption of various goods for the residences nearby. You can use them to significantly reduce the amount of goods your population consumes.

After getting enough investor skyscrapers of the highest level, you can construct the Skyline Tower which can house a few thousands investors. All skyscrapers and the monument have high maintenance costs, so you need to be careful about managing your income and expenses, too many skyscrapers can potentially ruin your economy.

The DLC also gives you access to 10 new ornaments and includes an optional story quests related to skyscrapers, construction of high buildings, consumerism and capitalism.

Overall the DLC adds the following elements:

Official description

Live the high life with towering new skyscrapers and their panoramas! Get your residents to dip their hands into their pockets with shopping arcades! Sell products created from homeware, furniture and pharmacy patents developed by you! But be sure to save some downtown real estate for the whopping Skyline Tower monument, inspired by Chicago and Manhattan - Anno's highest ever structure!

New Content

  • Skyscrapers - Build towering skyscrapers for your elite engineers and investors.
  • Shopping Arcades - Sell new patented products in fancy malls that cater to the latest high-end trends.
  • New Production Chains - New factories and new goods in both the Old World and New World.
  • The Skyline Tower - Leaning against the clouds, the imposing Skyline Tower is the ultimate ambition of every great industrialist.
  • Up, Up, And Away! - A host of lighter-than-air new ornaments to really give your city a lift!