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An example of one of the Arctic's more easily colonizable, frigid islands.

The Arctic is the fourth playable region of Anno 1800 and is inspired by the famous arctic expeditions of the 19th century. Its content is unlocked by purchasing the game's "The Passage" DLC, upon which the region itself can be accessed after reaching the  Engineers.png Engineers population tier. The main role of the Arctic is to supplement the Old World with the ability to produce electricity from Gas.png gas, the technology to create Airships, and as an additional, more effective source of Gold Ore.png Gold Ore and Furs.png Furs.

As with every region, the New World consists of multiple handcrafted islands of varying sizes, fertilities and resources. The Islands' characteristics and arrangement depends on game settings chosen when creating the game. Unlike Old World and even New World, the amount of variation in layout is minor. The shapes and variation of the islands is always the same and a different seed number only changes the orientation of the bigger islands (except King William Island, which will always hold the same position) and the location of the smaller ones.

Besides yourself and other expanding players (either AI or human), the native Inuit have settled their own predetermined location from the start. They won't expand, but are willing to trade with you.

Unique Mechanics

The region is host to several unique mechanics:

Deep Mines and Pristine Hunting

Gold Mines and Hunting Cabins are called "Deep Gold Mines" and "Prime Hunting Cabins" in the Arctic, and are especially productive. A Prime Hunting Cabin can produce Furs.png Furs 4x times more efficiently than its Old World counterpart. A Deep Gold Mine can produce Gold Ore.png Gold Ore 2.5x more efficiently than its New World counterpart.

Heated Buildings, Cooler Heads

Both residences and places of work in the Arctic need to be heated with the special Heater.png Heater facility. This is because the Arctic Population's Need for Luxury is replaced with that of a need for Heat. Failure to provide this warmth will increase the occurrence of the virulent Arctic Flu.

The population in this area also does not have a happiness rating, the ability to change working conditions on production buildings, or a desire to riot. The hardy individuals who chose to come here already work to the best of their ability, and are happy enough to just survive the biting cold. They realize that taking a day off, or tearing down their own settlement in a fickle display of discontent, is detrimental to their desire not to freeze to death.

Glacier Islands

The four glacier islands to the North of the Arctic, rise out of the oceans like a bald set of giant, gnashing molars.

To the north of the region, are four unique islands. These islands are barren and rise out from the ocean at great height, which makes their development challenging. Nothing grows or lives there for your colonists to sustain themselves with and there is no coastline at sea-level to construct Trading Posts at.

To build a functional settlement - perhaps in order to gain the ability to turn Gas into Electricity - everything needs to be imported by Airship and a special Sky Trading Posts will need to be constructed and supplied to overcome the height barrier.

The Fate of Faithful

A story line runs through this area, involving Lady Faithful and the quest to find the lost expedition of Sir John Faithful and the crews of HMS Hades and Styx. This is a play on the real-world lost expedition of Sir John Franklin and the crews of the HMS Erebus and Terror. The storyline will see the player progress through the building of an Arctic settlement and the construction of their first airship.


The population of the Arctic is divided into two tiers:


Almost all the arctic population's needs are based around the the exploitation of animal products that are unique to the region, for both comfort and gear. None of these are useful to your populations elsewhere, but the region does have a unique resource in the form of Gas Mine.png Gas Mines and it's the place where Airships are constructed. The region is also capable of producing Gold Ore.png Gold Ore and Furs.png Furs more efficiently, even while not using these itself. These resources can be shipped back to the Old World to supplement or enhance the player's existing empire.

End products in the Arctics are:


Icon dlc passage.png

Balance.png -40Explorers -20

Credits.png 200

Icon dlc passage.png

Balance.png -175Explorers -85

Credits.png 1400Timber 12


Sleeping Bags.pngSleeping Bags
Icon dlc passage.png

Balance.png -570Explorers -260

Credits.png 5000Timber 75


Oil Lamps.pngOil Lamps
Icon dlc passage.png

Balance.png -1550Workers -100Explorers -200Attractiveness.png -20

Credits.png 48400Timber 72Bricks 60Steel Beams 48Windows 40Reinforced Concrete 40



Icon dlc passage.png

Balance.png -1370Explorers -140Technicians -240

Credits.png 12200Timber 50Steel Beams 12


Husky Sleds.pngHusky Sleds
Icon dlc passage.png

Balance.png -5720Explorers -50Technicians -1360

Credits.png 59700Timber 330Steel Beams 44


Relation with other regions

None of the goods produced in the Arctic are strictly required in Old World, but some are produced more efficiently in the Arctic, or make Old World more efficient when shipped back.

The Arctic requires several goods from Old World, either as ready-made products to consume, intermediate materials for use in local products, or as construction materials.