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Templates are an essential part of each wikia that unify and minimize the work of all contributors. In general, Templates are modules that automatically create syntax based on an editors input. Templates can be widely used and created, for example Infoboxes for Building, Character or Quest related articles to licensing notifications about an image.

The goal of templates on the Anno 1800 Wikia is to minimize the effort of all contributors, create a clear visual hierarchy without the need to edit articles individually, and maximize the information flow we can provide to players of Anno 1800 through this wikia.

To learn more about individual templates, please check Category:Templates. For their documentation see Category:Template Documentation. To see all templates see Special:AllPages and select the Template namespace.

Using Templates

In order to make use of templates on an article you need to edit or create it and insert a template via the Insert button. In most cases the wikia will ask you for a sequence of inputs. You can also write down the template syntax {{TemplateName}} to initiate the dialog menu in the Visual Editor.

Template Types

As for most template types, you shouldn't enter information that is null. For example you don't want to insert a Bricks data source if the building doesn't need bricks to be built. You can however enter a ? if a subject definitely needs this data source, but it is Unknown at this time. These types are available on this wikia.


Infoboxes hold a lot of crucial information about an articles subject that would otherwise be hard to showcase in a sorted manner. The most common use for this template type are Buildings, Quest or Character articles.


The purpose of Infoicons is to standardize commonly used icons across the wikia. This incorporates Workforce icons, Population icons and building materials.

Article Management

Some templates are in place to housekeep this wiki.

Delete nominates an article for deletion and will add it to Category:Candidates for deletion,

Disambig notifies a user that several articles have similar or identical names.

This category also includes notification messages like Stub, Prerelease and others.


Across all wikia pages you'll find images that have different authors and licensing. To inform a user about the licensing status you want to add this template type to any form of media, for example images and videos.


Navboxes are templates which link to other similar pages, usually within the same category. They should be located at the bottom of the page, and on all pages which they link to.


Data templates usually consist of tables that hold repetitive information for example Building layouts. A big advantage of these templates is consistency across the wikia to feature the same information with different values and inputs.


These templates are solely to enhance the visual appearance of the wiki.

Other Templates

All templates that don't fit inside another category will be listed here, as well as wiki system related templates.

Adding Templates

Before you want to create new templates, please make sure that it is not listed inside Category:Templates, and it solves a greater issue. Templates are only useful for multiple pages and not recommended for single use only. If you are unsure whether or not your template will help other contributors, start a discussion with other editors.

If you created a new template make sure it is categorized so others can find it as well.

Find external templates

  • Templates Wiki
  • Wikipedia; may be copied with the proper acknowledgment, but some need tweaking to work properly on Wikia, so use a Wikia version if possible.