Follow the Queen to Cape Trelawney; a new session with an immense continental island. Remarkable treasures are said to be buried in these waters - the remnants of a great sea battle. You're going to need a diving bell to get them - the newest invention of Old Nate, a nearby drifter. He'll also help turn any rubbish you find into inventions to fuel the growth of your territorial capital!

Sunken Treasures is the second Anno 1800 DLC that was released on July 30, 2019. It is the first DLC of the Season 1 Pass. It adds a new European session: Cape Trelawney which contains a big continental island, a new neutral trader Old Nate and comes with a new storyline, separate from the campaign. The DLC also contains new quests, items and new features such as crafting and diving bell ship.

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