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The Ship-of-the-line is a slow, four-masted military ship with a hold of 3 cargo spaces and 3 item slots. It is armed with 2 sides of cannons.

The vessel has a lot of health and cannot fire directly forward or backward, but at a large angle on either side.


Alternative variants of this ship are the Pirate ship-of-the-line.pngPirate Ship of the Line and Royal ship-of-the-line.pngRoyal Ship of the Line.


The damage of the attack of a Ship of the Line decreases with distance; despite the long range its cannons possess, due to their low accuracy it's often a good idea to close the distance to the enemy target for higher DPS. Since Ships of the Line are the slowest of the sailing ships, this is usually only an option against enemy steam ships, provided the current wind direction supports the chase.

A portion of the broadsides' damage strikes in a small area of effect around its target. This proves devastating against groups smaller ships that are clumped on top of each other, such as a small fleet of 4 pirate gunboats that ends up forming on the map every now and then.

Both broadsides of the Ship of the Line have individual, long reloading times. This can be exploited by firing at multiple targets at once when maneuvering the ship into the middle of an enemy fleet to additionally get the proximity damage bonus. Furthermore, players adept with controlling the ship's movement can fire both broadsides on the same target repeatedly, reaching almost the maximum attack speed set indirectly by the reloading times!


In the 19th century, large sailing warships were still in widespread use by the imperial powers. Featuring imposing rigging and wooden hulls, they were the pinnacle of shipbuilding expertise at the time. The most powerful and sturdy of these ships fought in lines of battle, sailing in a line to present a wall of guns to the enemy, and such became known as ships of the line. Some of these ships were refitted or built with steam engines to combat their dependency on wind.

The Anno 1800 Ship-of-the-line appears to have a smokestack for this purpose, but does not actually have functioning engines.

Patch History

Game Update 5 (September 10, 2019):

  • Selling proceeds lowered from 50kCredits.png to 25kCredits.png


An armada of about 20 Ships of the Line