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Seat of Power is the fifth Anno 1800 DLC and was released on March 24, 2020. It is the first DLC of the Season 2 Pass. It adds a modular Palace and Local Departments, which can affect and boost many of your buildings in European regions: Old World and Cape Trelawney.

Content of the DLC

The base addition of Seat of Power DLC is the Palace, unlocked after attracting Investors.png Investors. It consists of the main building and wings with different appearance variations, which allows you to adjust your palace to your liking. The palace can affect various buildings on the island by applying specific buffs to them, like increasing productivity of factories or granting additional attractiveness from completed cultural sets.

You can build only one palace but to utilise its effects on other Old World islands you can place local departments, but only one per island. While the palace can have several departments and several policies active at the same time, islands with local departments can benefit only from one department and one policy.

The effects of the palace are applied only within a limited range from the palace's main building. The range can be increased by building more wings - the number of wings is limited by your global population. Range of local departments is smaller but also dependant on the number of wings. The effects of the palace, on the other hand, are unlocked based on attractiveness of the island with the palace (very high attractiveness can also strengthen the passive effects of the departments). All in all, the higher your global population and the higher attractiveness of the island with the palace, the more benefits you will have from Seat of Power DLC.

Overall the DLC adds the following elements:

  • Palace - a modular and prestigious building which can improve various aspects of your cities via its departments and policies
  • Local Department - smaller and non-modular version of the palace, used to apply effects of a specific department and policy on other islands, but to a smaller degree than the palace

Official description

Flaunt your skills as an architect by erecting the palace: a magnificent heart for your grandest Metropolis! Run your favourite city from its government departments, and expand its reach by building additional wings. Issue impactful policies to meddle in your city's future - from the lofty museum all the way down to the docks.

New Content

  • New Modular Building - Create unique layouts with the palace's modular system of 'wings' and make it the centrepiece of your favourite city!
  • Government Departments - Improve your city with the palace's departments! The more attractive your city becomes, the more new options you will unlock!
  • Policies - Choose how to manage your city with policies; sate resident needs, improve the power grid, or reduce loading time down at the pier - it's your call!