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The Ranger Station is the first and only Emergency Service station available in Icon session passage 0.png The Arctic region. It is also exclusive to this region.

A Ranger Station can fight incidents of both fire and illness within its full range of influence, by sending out units to fight these emergencies. It also lowers the chances of these occurring within its immediate vicinity. Illness can only occur in residential buildings, but since fire can happen to both residences and production buildings, Ranger Stations are required wherever the player chooses to develop the Arctic with either type of structure.

Like all Emergency Services, the Ranger Station has a limited range in which it can sent out its units to combat incidents or decrease the risk of them happening. This influence is projected across the network of roads that are adjacent to the Ranger Station. This range of influence can be seen by selecting the building, upon which the affected roads are colored a diminishing radiant of green. Any building touching this spread of influence, is counted as being affected. The Ranger Station is most effective within 22 road tiles of the building. Its maximum, reduced effect within which it can still send out units, is 46 road tiles. Since roads cannot be upgraded into paved streets in The Arctic, this range cannot be increased.

When constructing or relocating a Ranger Station, it will take one minute for the building to train a unit. It cannot fight already active fires or illnesses before that. It's wise to place emergency services before incidents happen.

Old World and New World emergency services are able to send out additional units if the population on the island is happy. Contentment in these regions allows the building to recruit additional volunteers who apply for the job in their spare time. Since the population of the arctic has no happiness rating and have a full time job of just surviving the cold, Ranger Stations never have more than one unit available for fighting incidents. It might therefore be advisable to build more than one ranger station in a densely developed Arctic area, especially if a player's residences aren't at a comfortable level of Heat.