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The Pyrphorian Warship is primarely a variant of the Monitor.pngMonitor, but features an unique model and increased Influence cost in exchange for its stronger stats, which include an increased attack range compared to standard Pyrphorian monitor.pngPyrphorian Monitors. Like all Pyrphorian Ships, it will attack with Flamethrowers much like a ship with a 'Flamethrower item' active.

How to obtain

The Pyrphorian Warship will be one of the random ships which can appear for purchase from the bases of the Pirate AI characters after reaching a trade agreement with them.

Alternatively, the player can construct the Pyrphorian Warship after obtaining the legendary ship specialist item Slinky Sinistra, Warlock of Pyrphorian Warships and placing it into a Harbourmaster's Office within range of their shipyard. This item can be rarely obtained from Rescue Expeditions, or from completing quests for Carl Leonard von Malching, or as flotsam from destroying ships belonging to Carl Leonard von Malching.

Patch History

Game Update 5 (September 10, 2019):

  • Hitpoints buffed from 3500 to 6000
  • Purchase price increased from 55kCredits.png to 700kCredits.png
  • Selling proceeds increased from 55kCredits.png to 350kCredits.png