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Producing various goods is an essential part of Anno 1800 gameplay. Production supplies your empire with construction materials and consumables fulfilling your population’s needs. You can also trade with goods you produce to earn money or increase your reputation with other players. Production buildings are gathered into complex production chains which final products are usually the most valuable.

Many basic production buildings need access to specific fertilities or resources


Every production building produces goods at a certain production rate. The construction menu displays the time needed to produce 1 ton of the product, for every 1 ton of the product 1 ton of each input resource is also required. Based on the production time it is possible to figure out the perfect ratio of all buildings which form a production chain. 

Current production rate, which can be checked in the production building’s interface, can be changed by several factors:

  • Sufficient workforce is essential to keep production buildings operating, any lack of workforce will lower the production rate. 
  • You can alter working conditions to make your workers’ shifts longer or shorter thus increasing or decreasing the productivity. However, it also impacts the happiness of your population and the chance of incidents
  • Items equipped in trade unions or harbourmaster’s offices can drastically change your production buildings. Some items simply increase the productivity, some decrease the maintenance or workforce needed but some can even alter the input and output of factories.
  • Electricity doubles the productivity of your factories. Some advanced factories require electricity to even start operating. 


Production buildings will deliver their produced goods to other buildings that require these goods. A warehouse is only required for the last building in a chain, or if you don't want or can't build a connecting chain.

Production buildings will highlight the buildings they deliver to in yellow, and buildings that are in range (but don't get deliveries from this production building) in light green.

Building layouts