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A building used to handle extra shipping traffic on your harbor coast.

Placement notice

When building a large number of piers to handle a lot of traffic on a coast, realize that the placement of the piers creates a queue ID for each pier. The lower pier IDs will be first in the queue of your ships approaching your harbor at each coastal zone.

A pier has a base loading speed of 2t of goods per second. Both normal and advanced Piers are affected by both Harbourmaster buildings increasing loading speed, as well as Docklands' loading module.

Set effects with the “Harbour Activity” buff also affect piers; the same is true for some items with a “Harbour Activity” buff.

The DLC Land of Lions allows to upgrade piers in all sessions through the Pier Upgrade Permit, which can be obtained at the research institute under the category "Revolutionary Concepts". Each permit allows one pier to be upgraded. Advanced Piers have 100% faster base loading speed and allow to select a specific good, which the pier is limited to, meaning that to use the advanced pier, ships on trade routes have to transport the selected good (can also transport other goods alongside the chosen good). Ships on automatic trade routes not trasporting the specified good for a certain advanced pier will ignore it, allowing for more control on traffic. Advanced piers have a maintenance of 1500 coins instead of 50, except for the Arctic, in which the advanced pier has the same maintenance cost of the normal pier (50 coins).

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