This page lists all changes introduced to the game with patches after the game was released. The list is in chronological order (the newest changes at the top).

April ?, 2020 - Game Update 7.1

Source: Anno Union

  • An issue with disappearing infotips while the right-click menu was pinned has been fixed.
  • An issue that could cause ships to remain stuck in transition mode after entering a session while new DLC was being activated has been fixed.
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync caused by selecting a blueprint building while owning a Palace.
  • Fixed an issue with certain menu windows (such as transfers, options etc.) preventing players from scrolling all the way to the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue where policies slotted in the Palace could be reset when reaching a new optimization level in the influence system.
  • Fixed an UI issue where Old Nate’s transmutation system could break if the menu was closed while the crafting animation was playing.
  • An issue that could cause the trade routes menu to get stuck when rapidly clicking the X button to close the menu while setting up a new trade or oil route has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in the statistics menu where some buildings could be displayed twice if buffed with an additional similar output.
  • Fixed a display issue issue where the difficulty level of expeditions could be shown incorrectly if the menu to assign a ship to an expedition was opened and closed again.
  • Fixed some additional randomly occurring crashes.

March 24, 2020 - Game Update 7

Source: Anno Union


  • Game Update 7 adds support for our first Season 2 DLC, “Seat of Power”, for all Season 2 Pass owners. “Seat of Power” will also be available as a stand-alone purchase from March 24 onwards.
  • Added three exclusive ornaments – the “Palatial Column”, “Ploughman’s Glory” and “Elephountain” – for owners of the Anno 1800 Season 2 Pass to the game.
  • We are introducing three separate difficulty levels for the influence system, which dictate how much influence can be earned. Easy has you earning more, medium remains the same and hard less influence. This can be selected during game creation, or when loading an existing save game for the first time. Please note that this selection is permanent and cannot be changed after.
  • Improved the multi-copy feature so that streets can now also be copied in the same manner as buildings.
  • Introduced the ability to block needs supply in the Marketplace object menu.
  • Specialists related to the diving bell system from “Sunken Treasures” have been removed from most item pools, such as Eli Bleakworth’s and the Visitor’s pool, and are now exclusive to Old Nate’s sold item pool and quests. Additionally, we adjusted the chances to receive the Legendary Diving Bell Specialists to fit this new distribution.
  • Improved the main menu to give you a better and clearer overview of available and owned DLCs.
  • Improved the visualization of street connection when placing blueprint buildings next to streets. Now, a blue overlay will be visible over affected areas.
  • Various performance improvements to the overall gameplay experience have been made.
  • The statistics menu has been improved to also take bonus production due to buffs into account.


  • Cabinet of Curiosities Pamphlet - Attractiveness reduced from +10 to +7
  • Piano Concerto Billboard - Attractiveness reduced from +10 to +7
  • Boys’ Choir Flyer - Attractiveness reduced from +10 to +7
  • Art and Craft Festival Poster - Attractiveness reduced from +10 to +7
  • La Condesa Del Amor’s Majestic Dance Billboard - Attractiveness reduced from +15 to +10
  • The “Valley of Death” A Treatise on the Upper Kingdoms - Attractiveness reduced from +15 to +10
  • Crimbles Choral Society Poster - Attractiveness reduced from +15 to +10
  • Inma’s International Trade Fair Billboard - Attractiveness reduced from +15 to +10
  • Sarah Bartok, The Golden Voice - Attractiveness reduced from +14 to +7 and Range from +20 to +25

General Improvements

  • Improved overall performance for extremely large save games with a huge number of buildings and residents.
  • Adjusted behavior of trade menus so they don’t close automatically after a purchase is done, as requested by many in the community.
  • Adjusted the right click menu so that it’s adaptable to session-specific buildings.
  • Improved info tip visualization for the statistics screen’s filters.
  • Improved the visuals on the expedition captain for “The Passage” expeditions.
  • Improved copy mode so that quay is selectable now.
  • Adjusted some words that triggered the profanity filter incorrectly.
  • Made the upgrading of blueprint modules such as wheat fields and cultural modules via shortcuts more consistent.
  • Improved the city decoration category in the construction menu for alternative sorting.
  • Adjusted the way fields for text react when hitting ENTER key after entering some text.
  • Improved text in info tips where values could be very high, such as influence or population in the top bar menu.
  • Improved the way railways interact with streets in the New World.
  • Improved automatic rotation for the residence buildings of engineers and artisans so that they connect better with each other when placing them.
  • Improved the behavior of keyboard input for values when setting minimum stock.
  • Improved icon for the engineer displayed in the top bar menu.
  • Improved the usability of the “ESC” button when interacting with items such as “Father’s Diary” in the campaign mode.
  • Improved usability of “jump to” buttons and texts in the statistics screen.
  • Improved the animation for upgrading a building from a blueprint.
  • Improved the visibility of ships in Trade Routes scrolling menus when the player owns many ships.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash while assigning ships to the zoological expedition while using DirectX12.
  • Fixed a stability issue when attempting to open expedition screens.
  • Fixed a stability issue which could occur upon closing the game on Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems.
  • Fixed an issue with multi-copy for module blueprints. Previously, some farms with modules could be copied with only the modules, while “forgetting” the main farm.
  • Several random crashes and desyncs have been fixed.
  • Improved relocation of the harbor building when attempting to move it to the other side of the island.
  • Previously it could happen that some areas would incorrectly appear to be blocked.
  • Fixed an issue where the treaties menu could appear empty if the player was in an alliance from the beginning of the game in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed an issue where repeated clicks on residences could disable the “Esc” shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue with newspaper happiness effects not being properly applied.
  • Fixed an issue with some monument progress being reset after a save and reload in the middle of construction.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the copying of railway tracks under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with ships escorting other ships on trade routes without being ordered to do so. I am going to have to ask you to calm down, escort ship!
  • Fixed a situation where goods could be incorrectly reserved in case an expedition ship would have been destroyed while loading goods and before leaving for an expedition. Please note that this fix will not apply to save games where this issue already exists, though you should be able to reset the activations by starting and preparing another expedition at the affected harbor.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Botanica” DLC where Botanical Gardens do not receive maintenance reduction influence bonus.
  • Solved an issue where the Taiga set bonus would incorrectly reduce the consumption of Goulash.
  • Fixed an issue where feedback ships (such as the workforce transfer ones) could get stuck in rare occasions.
  • Fixed a performance issue where opening a save game menu with a lot of save games could get the menu stuck for a few seconds.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where too many riots would trigger too many NPCs simultaneously.
  • Fixed a rare issue with trade routes where a route could break due to an improperly removed connection.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where a ship tried to continue loading goods after the trading post on the target island was destroyed. Sorry ship, they are all gone!
  • Improved behavior for firefighters so that they don’t extinguish fires out of the range of their fire station.

Graphics and User Interface

  • Fixed an issue with additional construction options not displayed correctly in the shipyard object menu. Away with you, “wharf bug”!
  • Various UI fixes for the trading system in expeditions. Feedback should be smoother and info tips should have better visibility now.
  • Adjusted some edge cases where the “Join Game” invitation in multiplayer could incorrectly block some slots.
  • Fixed the visualization of cargo slots for ships with more than 3 slots in Expedition screens and trade menus.
  • Adjusted the way construction menu pins work for buildings and ships after reloading a multiplayer save file.
  • Fixed the display of the voice chat panel in multiplayer which could overlap object menus when playing with more than six players.
  • Fixed an issue with vanishing propaganda articles in the newspaper menu in co-op mode.
  • Improved UI visualization for the time of day menu.
  • Improved visibility of steam ships at night.
  • Fixed an anti-aliasing issue in the statistics screen for the production line graphs.
  • Fixed missing resource bar indicator in Oil Tanker’s object menu.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with mine ruins.
  • Fixed minor UI issue with the missing “back” button in the profile creation screens.
  • Improved visibility of third-party icons.
  • Improved text visibility of low-resolution displays like 4:3 screens.
  • Improved open and close animations for the quest book.
  • Changed the icon in New World’s construction menu to properly show the paved street in the Obrero section.
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing info layers after reloading a game.
  • Fixed an edge case where the character would not show up when opening the competitor selection menu in the Multiplayer Lobby.
  • Fixed placement of the icon displayed next to the mouse cursor when dragging items and resources.
  • Fixed an issue with the flyout displaying incorrect costs when upgrading a Malthouse from blueprint.
  • Fixed an issue in co-op with “Jump to Player” buttons being visible after loading a save game alone.
  • Fixed an issue where switching pages in the Portrait/Color window of the multiplayer lobby using the top buttons doesn’t update the arrows accordingly.
  • Fixed visual issue which could occur on uncommon resolutions with object menus.
  • Fixed visual issue for banners that display influence achievements for new newspaper propaganda effects.
  • Improved quality of UI elements in the DLC selection screens in the profile creation flow.
  • Solved an issue where ships such as Battlecruisers which have 4 item slots break the UI when opening a trade menu with second or third parties.
  • Solved a graphical issue where paved road crossing sections would not match in color.
  • Fixed a postcard mode issue where the camera could be moved out of the playable area in rare circumstances.
  • Improved the visibility of item slots in the trade menu for ships such as the Clipper which have only one item slot.
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue present in the Steam Shipyard building.
  • Removed the carts from ruined mine buildings.
  • Adjusted the placement of feedback units for certain buildings like the Church to remove clipping issues.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue present in the shares overview menu.
  • Improved the UI behavior for closing a hostile takeover screen.
  • Improved the header of the Airship Hangar menu in “The Passage”.
  • Added the info tips for the Save/Load buttons in the difficulty levels menus during the game creation flow.
  • Adjusted the positioning of the info tip displayed for “Workforce assignment” in object menus such as shipyards.
  • Adjusted the info tip text for the unlock conditions of the Paved Street in the New World.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with feedback units still doing their duty on destroyed harbor guns.
  • Improved the visuals displayed in the marketplace when only one tier type is present.
  • Improved the visibility of the airship from a distance.
  • Fixed minor graphical issue present on Archibald Blake’s island.
  • Improved button states for the toggle buttons present in the statistics screens.
  • Adjusted altitude for the airship when passing through tall buildings such as Madame Kahina’s Harbor.
  • Adjusted the info tip to display correct information in the Oil Harbor when not all trains are unlocked yet.
  • Adjusted filter highlights when switching between UI elements in the Warehouse and Harbor.


  • Fixed the Anarchist DLC quest “Collectivists” in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed a situation in the “Sunken Treasures” DLC where “The Great Exhibition” quest could be triggered twice.
  • Fixed background display in the quest book for the quests “The fellowship”, “A novel proposal of Captain Nobody’s” and “The Nameless Author”.
  • Fixed an issue with “Beyond the Horizon 2 – A different Point of view” which could have triggered without meeting Isabel Sarmento.
  • Adjusted text for “Wonders of the Arctic” quest from the “The Passage” DLC.
  • Fixed a situation in the “Sunken Treasures” DLC where Vasco’s ships would not move to the quest location in the “Sound of the Sea” quest
  • Fixed the position for the demolitions expert in campaign mode to prevent him from spawning in water.

Localization and Texts

  • Adjusted text for “Special visits” in Public Mooring.
  • Fixed text display issues on info tips for some items such as the “Heated Jacket”, info tips of the construction menu and influence top bar info tips in several languages.
  • Adjusted info tips in the quest book.
  • Fixed loading tips which were too long for some localizations.
  • Fixed text for several expeditions in the Spanish and Polish localizations.
  • Fixed localization issues for some cut-off text in the influence menu.
  • Fixed text issue in “Aarhant Proposes A Battle Plan” campaign quest description in the quest book.
  • Adjusted text for the “Frogman” article in the newspaper.
  • Fixed a text issue present in the exhibit object menu of cultural buildings when an item is equipped.
  • Fixed a text issue present in the info tip in the diplomacy screen.

January 23, 2020 - Game Update 6.2

Source: Anno Union

  • Improved the visualization of the graphs in the statistics menu.
  • Improved the chance of obtaining the “Relics of the expedition” item, by adding it to the Inuit trader. This will allow you to complete the Icebound set if you missed the item during the expedition to the arctic.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying enemy harbor defense buildings granted temporary influence points.
  • Fixed an issue where players without “The Sunken Treasure” DLC were not able to transmute arctic scrap to items.
  • Fixed an issue where influence points where not correctly calculated on loading a save while ships were constructed in the shipyard.
  • Fixed an issue where some treasure maps for the arctic would not show an island. Happy arctic treasure hunting!
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after the benchmark has finished.
  • Fixed a random crash that could occur when the AI upgrades a warehouse.
  • Fixed a random crash that could occur under specific conditions in first-person mode when looking at a feedback unit.
  • Fixed a random crash that could occur with feedback units.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after leaving the prologue session in the campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where the infotip for the influence costs of all owned airships was displaying a wrong value.
  • Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer when more than six players where using the same channel.
  • Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in the loading screen for a multiplayer match with 16 players.
  • Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer for Russian and Spanish text language.
  • Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer where the button to collapse and expand the UI was not clearly visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the gas provided by Old Nate could not be spawned if the space behind the Trading Post was occupied with a building.
  • Fixed an issue where the “A Sudden Spike” quest was triggered before the player has built the airship hangar.
  • Fixed an issue where the warning notification for missing resources for heaters did not mention the correct resource.
  • Fixed an issue where the fluff texts for the abandoned camps were not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the location clue text for the quest “Unwanted Espionage” was not fitting the quest.

December 17, 2019 - Game Update 6.1

Source: Anno Union

  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur at game start.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause performance drops when a lot of ships were simultaneously switching sessions, which would have especially affected larger save games.
  • Fixed an issue with the fog of war returning to islands after loading a save game.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause performance issues in co-op games specifically.
  • Fixed a visual issue with fire effects not being correctly aligned on the affected ships.

December 10, 2019 - Game Update 6

Source: Anno Union


  • Game Update 6 adds support for our third and final Season Pass DLC, “The Passage”, for all Season Pass owners. “The Passage” will also be available as a stand-alone purchase from December 10 onwards.
  • Game Update 6 also adds support for the “Holiday Pack”, a new DLC including 23 festive themed ornaments you can use to build your very own Christmas market in your cities. Please note that this is a new standalone DLC that is not part of the Anno 1800 Season Pass, or any of the game’s different editions.
  • Co-op is here! In this new multiplayer mode, up to four players can team up to create the industrial empire of their dreams together, while competing against up to three other teams (for a total of 16 players/ four teams of up to four players).
  • Would you like some statistics with that? Our new in-depth statistics feature gives you unprecedented insights into the workings of your empire, with dedicated tabs for productivity and consumption, current stock of all your goods, population growth and finances. We have decided to implement this functionality as part of the main game interface to make sure that it is available at any time. To access it, you can click on the finance and population buttons on the top menu bar; access the menu from any production building in the game, or via the CTRL+Q/ W/ E/ R shortcuts.
  • It’s benchmark time! We have added new benchmark functionality to test how well your PC performs running Anno 1800. You can start the benchmark via drop down from the “Play” button in Uplay, with separate benchmarking for Direct X 11 and 12 available. You can find your benchmark results inside your documents folder ‘Documents\Anno 1800\benchmarks’.
  • Happy Holidays: We have added a new festive billboard ornament to the game, allowing you to bring the spirit of the season to your cities.
  • Manage your notifications. As we add more and more sessions to the game, we know that the number of notifications players receive can become overwhelming. To counter this, we have added several new filters to the game, which can be turned on/ off from the “Game” tab in the options menu. In addition, you will only be shown notifications about the arrival of a new specialist if you are in the same game session. Missed notifications will be shown to you the next time you travel to the respective session.
  • Added multi-copy tool: You can now copy a farm including all its farm fields/modules by holding Shift while copying it. You can now also drag and drop the copy tool on the buildings you want to select when copying.
  • More control over your DLCs: You can select to turn every gameplay-relevant DLC you own on or off during game setup, both for single- and multiplayer games. Please note that once the game has started, these settings cannot be reverted.
  • Reworked the multiplayer lobby in support of the new co-op mode, and the DLC selection functionality.
  • Faster session switching: We have added new shortcuts on the numpad to allow for seamless session switching. The num 1, num 2, num 3 and num 4 keys are used by default. As always, you can rebind them from the options menu.


  • Reduced the frequency of AI interrupting in case of declined settlement requests. The AI used to ask the player if they could settle per session, and these had separate cooldown in case the request is declined. This has now been changed to a global cooldown, meaning the AI asks a lot less frequently.
  • The duration of the “Ceasefire” diplomatic state has been increased from one to two hours to make diplomacy more meaningful. Accepting or declining ceasefire proposals will now also have a higher impact on reputation.
  • The duration of the “Non-Aggression Pact” diplomatic state has been increased from three to five hours, for the same reason.
  • Diplomacy memory messages ( e.g. “we should drink tea more often” – 2 reputation etc.) are now happening less frequently to reduce the number of notifications.
  • The general probability of explosion incidents was reduced by 20% across the board.

General improvements

  • Changed the sorting of goods in warehouses to display regional goods for the session first.
  • Improved the display of required population to unlock new Monument construction phases.
  • Improved text display when losing a ship during an expedition.
  • Removed the confirmation message when sending a ship to another session.
  • Improved game stability during expedition events.
  • Improved handling of fleet transfers between sessions. Prior to this fix, ships that traveled in a fleet would split up to travel to various harbors upon arrival in their destination session. Please note that individual ships travelling by themselves will still move to a random friendly harbor when arriving in any session besides the Old World (where they will always default to the first harbor built in the session).
  • Improved detection of Warehouse connections for the construction AI. Previously observed issues could be triggered by the AI destroying bridges around their cities. 
  • Improved quality of audio when a ship would be destroyed. The volume is now better balanced, and the sound of a higher quality.
  • Improved display of sails for a damaged Imperial Command Ship model.
  • Improved audio for various buildings such as the Limestone Quarry. Previously the excavator element of the building was inaudible to the player.
  • Improved the display of upgrade costs on blueprint buildings. Previously it was possible to see maintenance costs instead of the actual costs to place the building, which was unintended behavior.
  • Improved audio for the Fountain Plaza and Fountain Square ornaments.
  • Improved handling of defeated Pirates. Previously the pirates could get stuck in front of their harbor when returning after being previously defeated.
  • Improved the display of various menu objects on 21:9 ultra-wide screens.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Expedition screen when a fully loaded ship needed to accept a reward.
  • Fixed an issue with quest objects sometimes being invisible on “low” graphic settings.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur when loading a save game.
  • Fixed several crashed that could randomly occur when starting a new map session.
  • Fixed an issue with AI sending fleets of warships into sessions without giving them a concrete task, which could result in the ships idling near the session border.
  • Fixed an issue with the sound for the Clipper ships being much louder than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the newspaper effect ‘Productivity’ of the ‘Propaganda – Anarchy’ article was not applied to factories that were built after the newspaper was published.
  • Fixed a separate issue with the newspaper effect of the “Propaganda Anarchy” article only being applied in the currently active session.
  • Fixed two remaining issues that could result in indestructible “ghost ships” as seen in previous patches.
  • Fixed an issue with ships up for sale leaving the harbour.
  • Fixed rioting mobs that would rarely burn down buildings. This was unintended and now they should react properly when multiple rioters appear.
  • Fixed situations where special editions of the newspaper would have missing or low volume audio from the Editor.
  • Fixed a visual issue with AI production buildings. Previously, the production buildings could appear inactive as in the background the storage was full.
  • Fixed graphical issue with the military comparison statistic bars in the Diplomacy menu.
  • Fixed the display of the top menu bar. Previously, players could quickly shuffle between islands which could result in the top menu bar not updating properly.
  • Health bars of ships should no longer be visible through the fog of war.
  • Fixed various HTML text issues that showed up in several areas of the game.
  • Fixed the display of infotips in the Musical Pavilion submenus. Infotips should no longer incorrectly cover other menu parts.
  • Fixed an UI issue in the ship object menu when ships would transfer between sessions. Previously a small placeholder icon would appear when a ship was in the state of session transfer.
  • Fixed many, many player reported translations issues across all of our supported languages. Thank you so much for your help spotting these!
  • Fixed a visual issue with damaged ships under fog of war. Previously some parts of the ship were not fogged correctly.
  • Fixed a small visual issue with the shadows of lighthouses.
  • Fixed the display of cannon fire during nighttime.
  • Fixed a small visual issue with trees cut by the woodcutter.
  • Fixed the display of the treaties menu if the player is in an alliance with another party from the beginning of the game. Previously, this could have resulted in the menu appearing empty.
  • Fixed a visual issue for the “Sculpted Bear” ornament in the Botanical Garden. Previously the ground plate didn’t fit with the rest of the placeable modules and ornaments.
  • Fixed a text issue that could appear when selecting a Hospital during an active incident. This could have rarely resulted in unwanted behavior such as missing strings or missing icons in the incident building object menu.
  • Fixed the object menu display for Warehouse ruins. Previously the menu would appear incorrectly elongated while in a ruined state.
  • Fixed display of infotips in the Visitor’s Harbor. Previously some infotips would display values with too many decimals.
  • Fixed a text issue with infotips of goods displayed in the ship object menu for “Hiring fee” and “Purchase price”. Previously this would appear inconsistently in item infotips when checking in warehouses or ship inventories.
  • Fixed the text on infotips of building pins displayed on top of the construction menu. Previously very little information was displayed in the infotip of an empty slot pin.
  • The “Water Dispenser” item is now usable in the Trade Union building instead of the Town Hall.
  • Fixed several items that could unintentionally affect the power plant.
  • Improved handling of items applicable to shipyards that could interrupt ship construction when applied. The previous issue would occur when any shipyard-type effect would be applied if a ship was already in progress.
  • Fixed the effect for “Former Pyrphorian Whizz”. The redundant attractiveness modifier effect has been replaced with a decreased incident chance and decreased maintenance costs.
  • Fixed “The Promise Trust” quest line of Margaret’s Hunt quest chain.
  • Fixed handling of interactions in Sunken Treasures when reaching specific diving spots during the “Big Blue” mission. This might have caused Vasco to not react when approaching the diving spot.
  • Fixed animals spawning under the terrain in “Hibernation” voluntary quest from Bente Jorgensen.
  • We fixed the preconditions of some quests. You could previously receive quests to deliver a specific good that you could not yet produce.
  • Fixed islands being renamed when gaining ownership of them as part of a quest chain.

October 17, 2019 - Game Update 5.3

Source: Anno Union

  • New Halloween billboard ornament
  • We have adjusted Hugo Mercier’s Anarchist main story quests, to make them less random and more dependable for players. Here is all you need to know about how these quests will work, going forward:
    • To start or continue the main quest line, you need to be at peace with Hugo Mercier
    • You need to have 60 reputation point with him to do so
    • You need to have at least one Artisan in any of your cities
    • After you finish one of his quests, there is a 30 minute cooldown before the next quest will appear
    • If you cancel or fail one of Dr. Mercier’s quests, you will have to wait for 9 hours of game time before you will receive it again (this is a standard timer used to prevent players from getting swamped with optional quests).
    • Important: You can only have one active quest from Dr. Hugo Mercier at a time, so you will not receive any main story quests while you still have one of his other quests active, or are being offered another quest by him. You can solve or decline them to make space for a new main story quest.
  • We have fixed several issues that can lead to trains being stuck in the oil harbor.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented oil tankers from being manually loaded/ unloaded at oil harbors.
  • Fixed a separate issue that could prevent oil tankers on trade routes from loading/ unloading properly.
  • Fixed an issue with entries in the ship list constantly switching places or flickering.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate, unnamed ships being stuck on the world map.
  • Fixed an issue with ships drifting away from their position by themselves.
  • Fixed an issue with ships on trade routes being stuck on a map border.
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to see the object menu of a chartered ship.
  • Fixed an issue with selecting ships for an expedition in the preparations menu.
  • Ships returning from expeditions will now correctly return to their homeport from which they started their expedition.
  • Fixed an issue that could change your influence points balance after saving and loading a save game.
  • Fixed an issue with AI characters having large fleets of duplicate ships.
  • Fixed an issue with quest objects spawning at sea.
  • Fixed an issue with quest giving ships not despawning, and subsequently crowding an NPC’s harbor area. Unfortunately, this issue will not remove already spawned ships retroactively. Workaround: Ignoring one of the NPC’s quest chains (quests that have “Part 1, 2, etc.” in their name) will remove all redundant ships.
  • Fixed an issue in campaign mode, where some of the queen’s ships could become controllable by the player, which could block campaign progress.
  • The Shift+V command to change appearance now works properly for depots.
  • Fixed an issue with quest hint bubbles not being correctly removed, and pointing to invalid positions.
  • Provided a fallback solution for the Sunken Treasures expedition to unlock Cape Trelawney not triggering properly. This will now unlock the new sessions without having to complete the expedition beforehand.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate ships being incorrectly applied to AI trade routes.
  • Fixed an issue with the campaign quest “Sovereign Aid”, which could lead to a blocker if the player failed the quest.

September 19, 2019 - Game Update 5.2

Source: Anno Union

  • Fixed an issue where ships got duplicated after save game reload. As part of this fix, all duplicate “ghost ships” will turn into actual ships under the control of the player, which will prevent the player from losing any good loaded onto the ships. Due to these additional ships being given to the player, it is possible that you will experience a loss of influence points, which can be regained by destroying the additional ships after unloading them.
  • The Ubisoft Club rewards for the Botanica DLC (the “Duck Pond” and the “Outdoor Arcade”) are now redeemable from the Ubisoft Club Rewards section in Uplay.
  • Fixed an issue where idle ships can be seen off the map when reloading an older save game.
  • These ships should now be recoverable.
  • Fixed an issue where AI ships could get stuck at the border of the map.
  • Fixed a situation where, upon save game reload, trains could be stuck in the Oil Refinery or in the power plant, which could lead to less oil being transported than intended.
  • Fixed a desync error that occurred upon trigger of a participant’s message.
  • Fixed a desync that occurred due to quests that triggered ships with invalid items.
  • Botanica ornaments can now be placed freely in your cities from the construction menu (Artisan / Obrero / Culture tabs).
  • Items such as flowerbeds can now also be activated via the item section of any Warehouse, not only from your Harbor.
  • Adjusted the tool tip and effect for the “Rabies Vaccine” item. We made various text adjustments.

September 13, 2019 - Game Update 5.1

Source: Anno Union

  • Increased reward chance of musical scores.
  • Increased botanical expedition events chance.
  • Fixed a stability issue where the title could crash while converting scrap at Old Nate’s Island Harbour.
  • Fixed a situation where the Twitch Drops would not be in game anymore after the Botanica-Update.
  • Fixed a situation where players were unable to manually load/unload at the pier.
  • Fixed an issue where items or materials would get lost when diving with a full Salvager ship.
  • Fixed a visualization issue where the tool tip for railway construction would not update properly upon placement.
  • Fixed an unintended spawning issue where quest givers could show up on sea areas.
  • Fixed an issue where trading items would no longer have differences between buying and selling costs.
  • Fixed an issue where an user would be unable to delete multiple pavement tiles at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where prohibiting consumption of wares didn’t affect resident happiness anymore.

September 10, 2019 - Game Update 5

Source: Anno Union

  • Added support for the new Botanica DLC (available as part of the Anno 1800 Season Pass or as a standalone purchase), which allows you to turn your city green with a new modular botanical garden.
  • Let there be night! We have added a new dynamic day & night cycle to make sure your city looks stunning at any time of day! In addition to the cycle, you can at any time select one of four lighting presets (dawn, day, dusk or night).

Added new plaza tiles and reworked four existing ornaments to serve as connectors for your cultural buildings, allowing you to create much more lifelike and varied museums and zoos.

  • “I got your back”. Giving an order to escort a ship that has been ordered to switch sessions will now have the escort ships follow their charges to the new session, making your trade ships much less vulnerable.
  • The AI ceasefire has ended, and third-party characters can now attack pirates. Look out Anne Harlow, Archibald’s cannon towers are no longer just for decoration!
  • We have added some botanical themed expedition events to the pool of available events you might encounter on your adventures.
  • The size of UI text can now be increased up to a font size of 28.


  • Battlecruiser: Raised the price from 90k to 800k
  • Monitor: Raised the price from 40k to 350k
  • Cargo Ship: Raised the price from 30k to 300k.
  • Oil Tanker: Raised the price from 60k to 300k
  • Pyrphorian Battlecruiser will now cost 1.2M credits, as compared to the 800k for the regular Battlecruiser.
  • Pyrphorian Monitor: Increased the hit points from 3,000 to 5,000
  • Pyrphorian Battlecrusier: Raised the hit points from 5,000 to 8,000 and lowered the attack cooldown from 3.4 seconds to 2.9 seconds.
  • Pyrphorian Command Ship: Increased the hit points from 3,500 to 6,000.
  • Royal Ship-of-the-Line: Increased hitpoints from 4,500 to 5,000.
  • Pirate Ship-of-the-Line: Lowered attack cooldown from 8 seconds to 7.5 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed two pirates to show up in the South American session. This fix is not retroactive, and only prevents this issue from appearing in new saves.
  • Improved the behavior of double-click ship selection.
  • Adjusted the coloring of some ornamental floor tiles, which were darker than others.
  • The “Space” bar can now be rebound to other actions from the options menu.
  • Improved the behavior of repair cranes to ensure that they fully repair one ship before staring work on another.
  • Fixed an issue with the consumption tax from a newspaper boost not properly increasing the balance.
  • Fixed an issue where AI ships could be stuck on certain coastlines.
  • Fixed a potential performance issue that could appear when the productivity of caoutchouc plantations was boosted with items.
  • Ensured that the diplomatic victory condition is greyed out/ unavailable in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Fixed an issue with expedition screens sometimes not showing the success percentage.
  • Fixed an issue where two items would appear as flotsam besides the La Isla Harbor after the discovery expedition ended in campaign mode.
  • You can no longer drag the chat box out of the screen in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with the storage limit not working properly while in campaign mode.
  • Fixed an issue with building bridges by connecting two existing roads on a riverbank.
  • Improved the visibility of the button to switch pages in the cultural buildings menu.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the deletion of save files from the save file management menu.
  • Fixed an issue with destroyed ships being wrongly displayed in the route menu if they were sunk during the creation of a new trade route.
  • Removed a visual glitch that could occur when hovering over a selected residential building with the demolition tool.
  • Changing appearance via Shift+V should no work properly in move mode.
  • Fixed an issue with an empty icon sometimes appearing in the exchange ship menu during expedition setup.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to receive scrap-elated quests without owning a diving bell ship.
  • Fixed an issue with audio being played twice when using the replay audio button in the ques book.
  • The quest objective for the “Open Book 2” quest from George Smith now displays properly.
  • Improved the behavior of photo quests to make sure that the quest objective is actually in the frame of the picture. No more cheating!
  • Fixed a typo in the German text for the “Die Amazonen” expedition event.
  • Fixed an issue with some debug text showing up in the Japanese localization.

August 6, 2019 - Game Update 4.2

Source: Anno Union

  • Fixed an issue where some piers and trading posts were not correctly registered by trading ships. Ships will now check all available options to unload their cargo when stopping at an island.
  • All participants of a multiplayer match with the Sunken Treasures content will now receive the discovery expedition when loading a savegame in which the unlock conditions are fulfilled. Previously, it could happen that only the host of a match received the discovery quests when loading a multiplayer match with an existing savegame.
  • Fixed a minor issue where the Sunken Treasures discovery expedition would still get triggered even after the player declined to start it.
  • Removed a blocker in the Sunken Treasures “Build Harbor” Quest that occurred when the player built and upgraded the harbor directly before solving the first quest given by the queen.
  • Fixed a bug that deleted all blueprints in the session when destroying a trading post on a player-controlled island.
  • Fixed an issue where scrap was selling was sometimes for an unintended high amount of money.

July 31, 2019 - Game Update 4.1

Source: Anno Union

  • Fixed a situation where a blueprint of a building that costs influence would break the influence count of player’s save file upon reload.
  • Fixed an unintended behaviour where an Enemy AI’s Trading Post could drop upon destruction a lot of scrap resource which could’ve been sold for huge amount of money.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurs with the maximum zoom level which affected the visibility of buildings in the distance.

July 30, 2019 - Game Update 4

Source: Anno Union

Game Update 4 adds support for Anno 1800’s first DLC pack, Sunken Treasures.


  • You can now zoom the camera significantly further out, giving you a better overview of your majestic islands (which you can activate in the Gameplay options menu).
  • Improved and optimized game performance, leading to smoother gameplay across most graphics settings. As part of this, users will now also note an improved viewing range.
  • A new, improved minimum stock system has been added to the Trading Post. Old settings from all previously existing trade routes have been removed.
  • Reworked and rebalanced expedition rewards to make them feel more rewarding across all difficulty levels. New expedition reward tiers per difficulty are now:
    • Easy => only uncommon or rare rewards.
    • Medium => only rare or epic rewards.
    • Hard => only epic or legendary rewards.
  • Improved the usability of the trade routes menu, adding a text filter and a toggle for other ships displayed in the trade route menu strategy map. You can also select these ships to add them to your trade routes from the strategy map. Hovering over a trade route entry will now immediately show the trade route on the map. Finally, trade routes are now sorted alphabetically to make them easier to keep track of.
  • Reduced the notifications spam for low threat incidents. Incidents such as small fires which are no major threat will no longer trigger a notification.
  • Loading and unloading oil onto trains is now twice as fast as before.
  • Incoming trade ships will now make full use of all piers on an island, trying to avoid lengthy traffic jams in front of one harbor while others remain unused.
  • Architectural exhibitions in the World's Fair will now reward you with more than three ornaments at a time.
  • Previously defeated pirates will now bring a small fleet instead of a single ship upon their return to the game. It now takes them 30 minutes to rebuild.
  • Multiplayer chat has been completely reworked.


  • Rebalanced the quality of rewards granted by resident quests.
  • Generally improved the generation of rewards for a variety of activities (quests, drops etc.). This can lead to some items appearing less often, while some previously rare items will now appear more frequently.
  • Rebalanced the moral value for difficulty level three expeditions. The morale bar should now fill up faster.



  • Fixed an issue with missing objectives for “Open Book 2” voluntary quest provided by George Smith.
  • Fixed a missing icon in quest tracker/book for Princess Qing’s voluntary quest “Shadow Puppets: Part 3”.
  • Fixed the “jump to location” button for Princess Qing’s voluntary quest “Shadow Puppets: Part 3”.
  • Fixed the “Hostage Rescue” campaign quest where buyable frigates would fight Pyrphorian ships.


  • Fixed the specialist items “Actor” and “Sarah Bartok” which previously had an invalid effect for the Theater building.
  • Fixed the “Poster of the Leader” item not having any effects (it now provides additional workforce and a bit extra happiness, but reduces taxes).
  • The “Footman” specialist item now provides more taxes.
  • Fixed items increasing the maximum residents being inactive after loading a save file. The item effects are now also calculated slightly different from before. Affected items are “The Withdrawal Amendment”, “Contraception Regulation”, “Papal Paper of Prenatal Preservation”, “Jakob Sokow, The Charitable Banker”, “Louis P. Hecate, Arm-Puncturing Pioneer”, “Chief George Doughty, Smouldering Hero”, “Saint D’ Artois, Vision of the Valley”.


  • Fixed an issue where a player could not be re-invited to a saved multiplayer match if they were not on the Uplay friend list of the player loading the save file.
  • Fixed the cancel invitation button having no icon in the “Invited Friend” section of the multiplayer lobby.
  • Added an error message for the client if the host leaves the multiplayer lobby.

User Interface (UI)

  • Fixed an issue with the electricity icon being shown in the World Fair’s Foundation menu before electricity is needed.
  • Fixed text input in the trade route menu being reset if the player did not press the ENTER key.
  • Fixed “session transfer” or “expedition assigned” text overlapping the cargo slots in ship menus.
  • Fixed truncated text in ship menus when transferring to another region.
  • Fixed debug text being shown in trade menu tooltips if the camera was moved to another island in the background.
  • Fixed an UI issue in the charter route setup that occurred when dragging the amount slider out of the box, which could accidentally close the goods selection window.
  • Steam ships and sailing ships now have different icons to make them more distinguishable in the trade route menu.
  • The edit screen of the newspaper now shows the currently available influence (previously the publish button would just be greyed out when the cost exceeded the available influence).
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping icons in the marketplace menu when only artisans, engineers and investors were present on an island.
  • Fixed the working conditions menu sometimes not remembering values if the player would change the productivity by typing in the text field instead of using the slider.
  • Fixed the construction menu not remembering the category sorting when loading a save file.


  • Fixed an issue with flickering dirt roads while zooming the camera.
  • Fixed firework effect persisting after loading a save file


  • Fixed a typo in the German localization of “Die Amazonen” expedition screens.
  • Fixed a German localization issue with Margaret Hunt’s reaction to one of their buildings being destroyed.
  • Fixed a typo in the English localization of the “Iron Dragon” expedition event.
  • Fixed English text shown in the German localization of the ship object menu if the player would send a ship to another session.

Other fixes

  • Oil ships should now approach the correct coast when multiple oil ships are assigned to a trade route.
  • Improved visualization of ships traveling between sessions on the world map.
  • Fixed ships moving at their individual fastest speed even if the “grouped” option was selected.
  • Fixed an issue with defeated pirate ships still being shown on the mini map.
  • Improved display of highlighted buildings when using the demolish tool.
  • Added three new filters for notifications when ships set on a trade route encounter a problem.
  • Fixed buffs granted by animals in the Zoo staying active even after the main building of the Zoo was demolished.
  • Fixed an issue in the newspaper after a war declaration where the player’s name was shown instead of the name of the AI declaring war.
  • Fixed several misleading tooltips in the World Fair menu.
  • Fixed visitor pathfinding around the Bank building.
  • Fixed the “Load Game” entry in the main menu being visible without a save file being present.
  • Fixed an issue where the last playable game profile could not be deleted without restarting the game.

July 8, 2019 - Game Update 3.2

Source: Anno Union

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the campaign quest “Prosperity for all” from being completed due to a timing issue with the quest. This fix applies retroactively to affected saves.
  • Fixed a potential issue with hostile ship spawns during the campaign quest “One Hand washes the other”.
  • Fixed a potential showstopping issue after completion of the campaign quest “Release and ease”.
  • Fixed a potential stability issue that could appear when finishing a campaign-specific expedition and switching sessions immediately after. This could happen at the end of campaign chapter 2.
  • Fixed an issue with custom games that could results in pirates and other third-party AI spawning twice within a session.
  • Fixed an issue with construction AI, where an AI opponent may end up constructing the same building all over his island. This fix will unfortunately not apply to existing save games. Calm down Willie, you don’t need those 20 sawmills.
  • Fixed a potential stability issue that could occur when trading with AI characters.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer that could lead to players becoming stuck in a desync loop under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a potential issue with building interfaces that could occur when clicking on an electricity-powered, and then an unpowered building in quick succession.
  • Fixed a text issue with the quest tracker during the “Eli the incorruptible” quest.
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur under specific circumstances when trading. This would occur when adding a fifth item to a ship’s sell window (provided it has one), and subsequently first trying to sell the equipped item, before selling the other wares.
  • Fixed an issue with character-specific notifications that could occur if a quest notification was triggered while another object menu for the same character was currently open.
  • Fixed a randomly occurring stability issue.
  • Added a version number to the main menu for easier verification of the currently installed game version.
  • Changed the name of the Windows process for the game from “Anno 7” to “Anno 1800”. That is another 1793 Annos added at no additional cost!

June 7, 2019 - Game Update 3.1

Source: Anno Union

  • Fixed an issue blocking players from finishing the “Prosperity for All” campaign quest on save games created prior to Game Update 3. When players now load an older save, the game will check if the prosperity quest is active but cannot be completed and will then automatically resolve the quest for the player.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash of the game client after loading an old save game with an active mission.
  • Fixed a stability issue with the railway system, which could cause the game to crash in some rare instances.
  • Fixed an issue that locked players from constructing buildings in their coastal area.
  • Fixed an issue with charter routes missing their information in the overview screen.

June 5, 2019 - Game Update 3

Source: Anno Union


  • Adds support for The Anarchist character and associated content
  • Expedition event “The Great Sickness” has been added
  • Reworked interface elements for the World's Fair, the Court of Justice and the Excavation Site
  • New items for purchase at the harbors of Eli Bleakworth, Archibald Blake and Carl Leonard von Malching
  • The “Anno Union Emblem” company logo is now available and can be claimed from the Club Rewards section on Uplay


  • Improved trade routes to prevent player bankruptcy
  • Power plants will now shut down if they have less than 50% of required workforce
  • Ships can now spread the illness only to harbours and not to other ships
  • Improved the military AI behaviour
  • Improved selection when double clicking on a ship with the intention of selecting all ships of this type
  • Added the oil tanker to the list of ships that Archibald Blake sells on his island
  • The oil tanker can now be sold, bringing it in line with other ships
  • Rebalanced the reputation gained from big trade deals via diplomacy menu
  • Improved the bonus to force attribute provided by steam carriages, beef, dynamite and coffee during expedition events.
  • Rebalanced the attractiveness requirements for rare visitors to arrive at your tourist harbour 
  • Changed the item pool of third party trader Eli Bleakworth

User interface and experience improvements

  • Improved the behavior of the music when a large-scale incident occurs
  • Reduced the frequency of notifications tied to dropping workforce on an island
  • Reduced the frequency of notifications tied to hostile island takeovers
  • Hitting the “escape” key will now close the transfer goods menu
  • Added various extra information and new tips on game loading screens for users to discover
  • Improved the loading times on many interface graphics
  • Improved readability in the German version of the “Baptism of Fire” expedition event
  • Improved some of the UI elements displayed in the newspaper archive
  • Aligned the consistency and style of several interface icons
  • Improved the transition between expedition menu and gameplay screens
  • Improved readability and tool tips for the trade menu
  • Improved the way character`s emotions are visible while in the Diplomacy menu during an audio line delivery. Animations should now be more consistent with the audio lines
  • Improved the visibility of the visitor’s dialogue in the monument menu during a monument event
  • Removed automatically generated profiles, which could contain unsupported special characters in their names

Bug fixes

  • Fixed stability issues in multiplayer where match setup with two or three players could lead to an infinite loading screen
  • Fixed stability issues where the creation of several new games in rapid succession could lead to a crash
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if certain shortcuts were spammed while in the save game name dialogue
  • Fixed an issue in campaign where premature destruction of the trading post on Prosperity could block completion of the “Prosperity for all” quest
  • Fixed an issue in the campaign where upgrading some quest-critical buildings could break quests
  • Fixed an issue where Refugee’s campaign quests could not be completed if ship with refugees equipped were transferred between sessions
  • Fixed an issue with newspapers mistakenly displaying articles about missing goods that were actually being provided
  • Fixed an issue where moving around harbor buildings during an attack could lead to military AI units being stuck
  • Fixed an issue where using invalid characters in editable fields could break the associated save file
  • Fixed an issue where changing the graphics settings for “Feedback Quality” would not be properly applied
  • Fixed an issue with the “Party like it’s 1851” and “Annoholic” Club Challenges not properly unlocking once all requirements are met
  • Fixed the achievement “Gold Digger”, which previously unlocked for the player as soon as any session participant reached 100.000 coins
  • Fixed potential issues with moving around and then upgrading blueprints of harbor buildings
  • Fixed an issue where the monument would sometimes show the tool tips for the previous phases
  • Fixed an issue with invalid items and special visitors
  • Fixed a shortcut key, which would mistakenly permit the player to place an Old World warehouse in the New World region
  • Fixed an issue where the Military AI would not realize that a hostile takeover has occurred, which would lead to a never-ending state of war
  • Fixed an issue with the logistic system where available storage space was sometimes not fully utilized
  • Fixed an issue where during an escort ship quest the ship following the intended target would move at a lower speed than intended
  • Fixed an issue with the Old Bell item that would not work on the Gold Ore Mine in the New World
  • Fixed onscreen notification when user sells goods via passive trade
  • Fixed a problem where Jean La Fortune from The New World session was shown in the Diplomacy Menu before The New World session has been discovered
  • Fixed an issue where newspaper article tool tips would not display properly
  • Fixed an issue where disabling the right-click menu in the options could be reset after restarting the game
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong info layer would show on top the Charcoal Kiln if it was placed in blueprint mode
  • Fixed an issue where moving a Commuter’s Pier that was not connected to a street would activate the transfer
  • Fixed an issue where the Oil could not be manually transferred to the Oil tanker via Trade Menu
  • Fixed an issue where item effects would not disappear if the associated building was destroyed
  • Fixed the “Banker” item that would not increase the range of the Bank. To mitigate this issue, the effect has been removed and changed to target residence buildings
  • Fixed an issue with pirates remaining in the game after being defeated. Sorry guys, you are out
  • Fixed an issue with ships being erroneously shown on the wrong trade routes in the menu
  • Fixed an issue with ships being displayed in the trade routes menu after being sold
  • Fixed jumps between gameplay notifications and the Trade Route set-up menu
  • Fixed an issue where the White Flag item could break the peace mode if moved between ships
  • Fixed a text problem displayed in the Trade Menu as “Select station from the list” when no list existed
  • Fixed various problems where ships that were part of a quest could be infected by incidents, therefore spreading the incidents to the islands next to which they were stationed
  • Adjusted the profanity filter to more lenient with certain words
  • Fixed various instances of text being cut off in Expedition tool tips on the world map
  • Fixed an issue with city incident-related Newspaper articles not being properly applied
  • Fixed an issue with mob-quest-type objects not properly interacting with bridges
  • Fixed many minor text issues for increased consistency
  • Fixed various problems with items that would accidentally swap the actually produced items, such as “Marcel Forcas, Celebrity Chef”
  • Fixed an issue where tool tips were shown as empty boxes for empty slots in the construction menu
  • Fixed readability issues with text on colored tool tip boxes
  • Fixed text issues where line breaks where displayed in various expedition events
  • Fixed text readability in several expedition screens
  • Fixed an UI issue that could occur when using the workforce slider
  • Fixed UI issues for the banner notifications displayed in the New World for upgrades of the Town Level
  • Fixed UI issues for banner notifications displayed when expeditions ended
  • Fixed UI issues with the downgrade button in various object menus
  • Fixed UI issues with the display of “Father’s Diary” on various screen aspect ratios
  • Fixed UI issues with the mini-map that could affect readability when zooming in
  • Fixed various UI issues in the Multiplayer Lobby screen
  • Added missing text for a few subtitle lines in German localization
  • Added missing text for some notifications in the Korean localization
  • Fixed some UI issues in the Notification archive section
  • Fixed some text issues with quest descriptions in the Russian localization
  • Fixed text issues in the French and Italian localizations where the text could overlap various UI elements in the Shares Menu
  • Fixed an issue with the fast-forward in the game’s credits not working properly
  • Fixed a text issue in the Japanese localization with missing attractiveness values in some menus

May 15, 2019 - Game Update 2

Source: Anno Union


  • Influence gained from population increased from +10 to +15 per increase
  • Influence gained from investors increased from +1 to +2 per house
  • Exponential scaling for influence from population kicks in later, at 16.000 Global Population instead of 14.000
  • Propaganda category: Newspaper Effectiveness boosted from 5%/10%/15% to 7%/15%/25%
  • Trade category: Movement Speed boosted from 5%/10%/15% to 7%/15%/25%
  • Military category: Attack Speed boosted from 5%/10%/15% to 7%/15%/25%
  • Optimization category: Maintenance Cost boosted from 1%/2%/3% to 3%/6%/10%
  • Culture category: Attractiveness boosted from 5%/10%/15% to 10%/20%/35%

Passive Defence ship stance

  • Renamed to “Hold Position”
  • Ships using this stance do not move to attack a target

Steamships balance

  • Battle Cruiser hit points increased from 5000 to 6000
  • Battle Cruiser Damage per shot increased from 245 to 275
  • Battle Cruiser Upkeep Cost lowered from 1000 to 850
  • Monitor hit points increased from 2500 to 3000
  • Monitor Upkeep Cost lowered from 600 to 300
  • Cargo Ship hit points from increased from 3500 to 4000

Illness on ships

  • Ship disease spread chance was 1% every 10 seconds; spread chance now is 1% every 30 seconds
  • Ship disease duration was 15 minutes, and has now been lowered to 10 minutes

Madame Kahina's item pool

  • Now, 20% of items offered at Madame Kahina’s harbor consist of European fertilities, with rarities (uncommon, rare and epic) depending on player progress.

Game stability

  • Fixed an instance where toggling the Victory Conditions could crash the game when starting a new game
  • Fixed issues which could lead to crashes If the game was running under DirectX 12
  • Fixed an instance which could lead to crashes during campaign gameplay
  • Fixed an instance which could lead to a crash while upgrading residential buildings
  • Fixed several rare instances that caused general client instability

Bugs and issues

  • Fixed an issue which could prevent players from receiving further quests or character notifications
  • Fixed some issues causing the railway system to stop working properly
  • Fixed an issue where happiness count would instantly drop when building a commuter harbor
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the achievement “What’s that smell?” from unlocking
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player could get locked out of expedition events
  • Fixed an issue where losing an island with Trade Unions would not refund the influence spent on those unions
  • Fixed graphical issue in top-secret, nonexistent first-person mode
  • Fixed the button positioning on “Desync Detected” screen
  • Fixed an issue where the button of “Father’s Diary” would shift positions at some screen resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where “Unmute All” text shifted position on the multiplayer chat settings window
  • Fixed an issue where City Incidents buildings would interchange their object menus
  • Improved the info tips for fertility items, as they were unclear on what they could be used on

Additional Notes

  • Battlecruiser attack damage was actually increased to 280 instead of the noted 275.

April 25, 2019 - Game Update 1

Source: Anno Union

  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed several Multiplayer Desyncs.
  • Fixed an issue for the Steam version, that made the games FPS drop significantly.
  • Fixed a rare issue, getting no further quests, after loading a savegame that has been created while a Newspaper was displayed.


  • Diplomacy: Lowered the cooldown of “Flattering” and “Gifting” from 60 mins to 30 mins.
  • Diplomacy: Negotiations in the late game now cost ~70% less.
  • Visitors: Visitors are now more generous (Visitor income increased by 50%).
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