The Old World is the first playable region in Anno 1800, which is based on Europe in the 19th century. Every game starts in the Old World, which should be a place of residence for majority of your population. There you can create big European cities based on industrialisation and new technologies invented in the 19th century.

As every region, the Old World consists of multiple handcrafted islands of varying sizes, fertilities and resources. Islands characteristics and arrangement depends on game settings chosen when creating the game.

Besides yourself and other expanding players (either AI or human) some neutral traders and pirates can also be located in the Old World. Each of them settles a separate special island. Sir Archibald Blake is always present in the Old World while the presence of Madame Kahina, Eli Bleakworth and Anne Harlow is optional.


Population in the Old World is divided into five tiers:


First two tiers require many crop and animal farms to satisfy their needs but higher tiers depend mainly on industrialisation, heavy industry and mined resources.

Final products which can be produced in the Old World are:






Relation with other regions

There are several goods which are required in the Old World but have to be produced in the New World:

  • Cotton fabric.png Cotton fabric (for Fur Coats.png fur coats)
  • Rum.png Rum
  • Coffee.png Coffee
  • Gold Ore.png Gold ore (for Pocket watch.png pocket watches and Jewelry.png jewellery)
  • Oil.png Oil (for Oil Power Plant.png power plants)
  • Caoutchouc.png Caoutchouc (for High wheeler.png penny farthings and Steam carriages.png steam carriages)
  • Pearls.png Pearls (for Jewelry.png jewellery)
  • Cigars.png Cigars
  • Chocolate.png Chocolate

Some goods which are produced in the Old World are also required in the New World:

  • Steel beams.png Steel beams, Windows.png windows, Reinforced concrete.png reinforced concrete and Weapons.png weapons as construction materials
  • Sewing machines.png Sewing machines
  • Beer.png Beer
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