The newspaper is a new feature in the Anno series. A new issue of "Anno Chronicles" newspaper is announced around every 30 minutes. Special issues can be published earlier if something dramatic happens.

Every issue includes three articles which highlight important events and milestones of your empire. They can describe various events such as settling new islands, advancing to higher population tiers, changing diplomatic status with other players or distasters such as fires, riots, losing ships and much more. Proposed articles have a global impact on your population's happiness, they can either increase it (+5Happiness positive.png), decrease it (-5Happiness negative.png) or have no effect.

A player's residents in The Arctic are unaffected by the newspapers.


You can alter articles to publish news which are more in your favour. Using influence points you can replace unwanted articles with new ones which can have various effects. However, constant use of propaganda can lower the happiness of your population and make them more likely to riot against your censorship and manipulation. Invested influence points are used up until the next issue of the newspaper is announced, then they can be used again either for propaganda or other purposes.

Every article replacement has different influence cost and corporation level requirement which depends on the type and strength of the article's effect.

Propaganda Type Effect Effect's strength Influence cost Profile level


Distraction No Effect - 10Influence.png 1

Increases happiness of your population

+5Happiness positive.png 30Influence.png 1
+10Happiness positive.png 45Influence.png 13
+15Happiness positive.png 75Influence.png 20

Increases tax income gained from your citizens

+5%Propaganda income.png 25Influence.png 1
+10%Propaganda income.png 55Influence.png 12
+15%Propaganda income.png 85Influence.png 16
Austerity Lowers need consumption of your population -10%Propaganda consumption.png 35Influence.png 9
-20%Propaganda consumption.png 75Influence.png 14
-30%Propaganda consumption.png 115Influence.png 21
Martial Law Lowers chances of riots -10%Propaganda riots.png 15Influence.png 10
-25%Propaganda riots.png 45Influence.png 15
-50%Propaganda riots.png 100Influence.png 26
State of Emergency Lowers happiness required to mobilise volunteers in emergency services buildings -5Propaganda neighbourhood watch.png 25Influence.png 11
-10Propaganda neighbourhood watch.png 60Influence.png 19
-15Propaganda neighbourhood watch.png 95Influence.png 27
Warmongery Increases attack speed of your ships and turrets +10%Icon fire rate green 0.png 40Influence.png 17
+20%Icon fire rate green 0.png 85Influence.png 23
+30%Icon fire rate green 0.png 135Influence.png 28
Rallying Cry Increases surrender resistance, impacts your population's happiness during sieges +10%Icon no surrender green 0.png 35Influence.png 18
+20%Icon no surrender green 0.png 80Influence.png 24
+30%Icon no surrender green 0.png 125Influence.png 29
War Effort Increases productivity of weapon factories and decreases construction time of ships +50%Icon military industry green 0.png
35Influence.png 22
+100%Icon military industry green 0.png
75Influence.png 25
+150%Icon military industry green 0.png
120Influence.png 30

Influence investment

Investing enough influence points into propaganda increases its effectiveness:

  • 50 points: +7% newspaper effectiveness
  • 150 points: +15% newspaper effectiveness
  • 300 points: +25% newspaper effectiveness
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