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Across the game world of Anno 1800 exist a number of Neutral Traders. These each occupy their own, unique island in one specific session, unless disabled at game start. The player and expanding AI can engage in active trade at this island, which sells both goods and items specific to the trader, or in passive trade, as most of these traders possess a neutral fleet of trading ships that visit ports across the session.

Neutral Traders by Session

Old World

Note: Sir Archibald Blake is the only Neutral Trader that cannot be disabled at game start

Eli Bleakworth does not engage in passive trade at your ports

New World

Cape Trelawney (DLC)

The Arctic (DLC)

Qumaq does not engage in passive trade at your ports

Enbesa (DLC)


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While not technically 'Neutral', players can strike a trade agreement with any of the two Pirates, making them potential additional trading partners to them as long as the diplomatic status is upheld. Both pirate factions do not hold a trade fleet to engage in passive trade with.