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Neutral traders are one of the groups of characters in Anno 1800. Every one of them is neutral and willing to trade with the player and the competitors. They do not engage in diplomacy, their relations with other characters are set in stone and cannot be changed. Each trader owns one small island and they do not claim other islands, do not expand. At their islands they can buy and sell various goods and items, in some cases also ships. Some of the traders send out their own ships to islands of players and competitors and can trade with goods offered and requested at those islands. Every trader from time to time offers you quests which may have valuable rewards.

Traders characters

There are several neutral traders in the game. Every one of them is represented on the map by colour grey. Some of them can be disabled when creating a new sandbox game, others always appear in the game and cannot be disabled.

For more details about each neutral trader, including their personality, trade offers etc., see their individual pages:

Old World
Sir Archibald Blake.pngSir Archibald Blake

Eli Bleakworth.pngEli Bleakworth - can be disabled.

Madame Kahina.pngMadame Kahina - can be disabled.

New World
Isabel Sarmento.pngIsabel Sarmento - can be disabled.

Cape Trelawney
Old Nate.pngOld Nate (Icon dlc sunken treasure.png Sunken Treasures)

The Arctic
Qumaq.pngQumaq (Icon dlc passage.png The Passage)

Emperor Ketema.pngEmperor Ketema (Icon dlc land of lions.png Land of Lions)


For more information about trade mechanics, see: Trade

Neutral traders can trade with goods, items and ships, they offer only a selection of those at their islands, different for each trader. Most of the traders also engage in passive trade, sending ships to player's islands within the same region to buy and sell goods based on their own stock and island's passive trade setup. Depending on game progression, the offers and requests of neutral traders change, and they offer more goods, items and different ships, as the player progresses further with population.

When it comes to goods, the offers and requests of neutral traders are fixed and change only based on game progression. Each good offered by a trader has its restock rate and with time their stock gets replenished, up to their maximum storage capacity (typically 150 tons). The restock rates depend on the progression too, but also on the appropriate difficulty setting. Neutral traders are always willing to buy all kinds of goods for regular prices, but they also have special requests - goods which they buy for much higher prices than normal.

Every trader offers at a time only a limited number of items, selected from their individual pool. The item pool, the chance for each item to be offered and the number of items offered at a time, all depend on the game progression. Some traders specialise in specific types of items, and some items they sell might be offered only when a specific DLC is enabled. They are willing to buy all non-quest items from the player, of course selling an item provides less coins than they demand for items you buy.

Only some of the traders can sell ships and only some traders want to buy ships from the player. Every trader who does sell ships has their own pool of ships they may offer. The pool, the chance of a specific ship to be offered and the number of ships offered depend on the game progression.


For more information about pirates, see: Pirates

While not technically neutral, after signing a trade agreement with any of the pirates, they can become valuable trading partners as long as the diplomatic status is upheld. Trading with pirates has basically the same rules as trading with neutral traders. Only active trade is possible with pirates, they do not have any trading fleet they could use to engage in passive trade.

Traders comparison

The table below provides a general comparison of all neutral traders and pirates (when a trade agreement is signed), lists which goods they offer at their harbours, for which goods they pay higher prices, what is their storage capacity, whether they engage in passive trade (+) or not (-), if they participate in buying or selling ships, and what are the most typical items they sell.

Trader Offered goods Requested goods Storage
Passive trade Ship trading Offered items
Sir Archibald Blake.pngSir Archibald Blake Timber.png Timber
Bricks.png Bricks
Steel beams.png Steel Beams
Sewing machines.png Sewing Machines
Pocket watch.png Pocket Watches
Gramophone.png Gramophones
Coal.png Coal 150 t + + Machines and books
Eli Bleakworth.pngEli Bleakworth Coal.png Coal
Iron.png Iron
Zinc.png Zinc
Copper.png Copper
Cement.png Cement
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Potato.png Potatoes
Soap.png Soap
150 t - - Specialists
Madame Kahina.pngMadame Kahina Rum.png Rum
Chocolate.png Chocolate
Coffee.png Coffee
Pearls.png Pearls
Cigars.png Cigars
Fur Coats.png Fur Coats 150 t + Only buys ships Culture items
Isabel Sarmento.pngIsabel Sarmento Sugar cane.png Sugar Cane
Cocoa.png Cocoa
Sugar.png Sugar
Cotton fabric.png Cotton Fabric
Pearls.png Pearls
Tobacco.png Tobacco
Fried plantains.png Fried Plantains
Weapons.png Weapons
150 t + + All types of New World related items
Old Nate.pngOld Nate Timber.png Timber
Iron.png Iron
Steel.png Steel
Saltpeter.png Saltpetre
Steam motors.png Steam Motors
Filaments.png Filaments
Caoutchouc.png Caoutchouc
Chassis.png Chassis
Fish Oil.png Fish Oil
Gold.png Gold
Pearls.png Pearls
10 t + - Salvager related items, treasure maps
Qumaq.pngQumaq Whale Oil.png Whale Oil
Caribou Meat.png Caribou Meat
Pemmican.png Pemmican
Seal Skin.png Seal Skin
Bear Fur.png Bear Fur
Huskies.png Huskies
- 50 t - - All kinds of Arctic Lodge items
Emperor Ketema.pngEmperor Ketema Icon wansa wood 0.png Wanza Timber
Icon linen fabric 0.png Linen
Icon hibiscus farm 0.png Hibiscus Petals
Icon mud bricks 0.png Mud Bricks
Icon watusi 0.png Sanga Cow
Icon teff flour 0.png Spiced Flour
Pocket watch.png Pocket Watches
High wheeler.png Penny Farthings
Gramophone.png Gramophones
Steam carriages.png Steam Carriages
150 t + + All kinds of Enbesan items
Anne Harlow.pngAnne Harlow Sails.png Sails
Weapons.png Weapons
Gold.png Gold
Advanced weapons.png Advanced Weapons
Schnapps.png Schnapps
Beer.png Beer
Rum.png Rum
150 t - + Warfare related items
Jean La Fortune.pngJean La Fortune Sails.png Sails
Weapons.png Weapons
Gold.png Gold
Advanced weapons.png Advanced Weapons
Schnapps.png Schnapps
Beer.png Beer
Rum.png Rum
150 t - + Warfare related items