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Music Pavilion is a unique culture module, added in Botanica DLC, which can hold a music sheet which boosts the culture building which the pavilion is built in. The pavilion can be built only once per Zoo, Museum or Botanical Garden, multiple pavilions can be built on the same island via building more of these cultural buildings.

Music Sheets

Inside the music pavilion you can equip music sheets, just like you can equip culture items in zoo, museum or botanical garden modules.

Besides the attractiveness the music sheet gives based on its rarity, the music sheet also gives a bonus percentage to attractiveness obtained from items belonging to certain sets, if those items are equipped in the same culture building as the music pavilion with the sheet. Different music sheets boost items from different sets. The sets don't need to be complete in order for their items to receive the bonus, and every single copy of the same item will be affected by the music sheet and will receive the bonus attractiveness.

Sheet Music Rarity Attractiveness Bonus to Sets Affected Zoo Sets Affected Museum Sets Affected Botanical Sets
Icon music score 1800 0.png
Anno 1800
Rare 30 Attractiveness.png +20% Attractiveness.png Extinct Species Aegean Cultures,
Empire of the Eagle,
Origin of Mankind
Icon music score 2205 0.png
Anno 2205
Epic 40 Attractiveness.png +30% Attractiveness.png Arctic Tundra,
Polar Circle,
Taiga Forest
Northern Sagas Subalpine
Icon music score 2070 0.png
Anno 2070
Epic 40 Attractiveness.png +30% Attractiveness.png Abyssal Depths,
Ocean Predators
Bronze Age,
Thule Relics
Sargasso Sea
Icon music score 1404 0.png
Anno 1404
Legendary 50 Attractiveness.png +50% Attractiveness.png Eastern Jungle,
Great Coral Reef
Skull and Bones Enchanted,
Near East,
Icon music score 1701 0.png
Anno 1701
Legendary 50 Attractiveness.png +50% Attractiveness.png Cordillera,
Lost Cities,
New World Huaca

Additional notes:

  • Because of the DLC they come in, Sheet Music is generally found together with botanical items.
  • Madame Kahina sells the rare 1800 sheet music, and in some cases epic sheet music, but legendary sheet music has to be found on Expeditions or received as World's Fair rewards (for Botanical Exhibits only). Sheet Music cannot be obtained through the Research Institute.
  • The Botanical Set Marshlands, the Museum Sets Battle of Trelawney, Gods of the Delta, Heirlooms of the Gold-Realm, Lost Tribes, Roots of Enbesa, as well as the Zoo Sets Domestic Animals, Enbesan Highlands, Great Desert, Miombo Woodlands, Proud Savannah, Teeming Lakes are the only sets that cannot have their Attractiveness buffed by any Sheet Music.