The Museum is a special building that is unlocked upon reaching 1500 Artisans and whose purpose is to increase the attractiveness of an island by housing artifacts that are rewarded from quests, expeditions, neutral AI trader NPCs, the Worlds fair.png World's Fair, and other sources.

Many artifacts are part of sets, and completing a set of artifacts in a Museum will provide a unique bonus to either nearby buildings, the whole island, or the region (depending on the set), e.g. The Jurassic Set gives +2% income and +2 Happiness from Residences) or a world benefit i.e completing the Northern Sagas Set gives +5% maximum hitpoints and +3% increased damage for all of your warships. The set to which an artifact belongs is displayed on its item tooltip, and a list of all sets can be seen when clicking on the Museum entrance building.

List of Artifacts

See: List of all Museum items


Artifact Modules

While the main building itself does not provide attractiveness, the modules that attach to it gives the player an opportunity to display an Artifact per module, up to 100 modulesEach module costs 100 credits and 10 influence. The amount of additional attractiveness a module gives is determined by the rarity of the artifact placed within it:

Artifact Rarity Attractiveness
Common 10 Attractiveness.png
Uncommon 20 Attractiveness.png
Rare 30 Attractiveness.png
Epic 40 Attractiveness.png
Legendary 50 Attractiveness.png

Music Pavilion

The Icon music pavillion 0.png Music Pavilion is a unique cultural module, added in Icon dlc botanica.png Botanica DLC, which can hold a music sheet item which boosts the attractiveness of artifacts from specific sets.

See: Music Pavilion


Notes about the Museum, its modules, and Artifacts:

  • Multiples of the same artifact can be placed in individual modules, as long as you have more than one count of that artifact in your island's inventory, e.g Having 3 Folk Tales means you can place all 3 of them in the Museum, 1 per module.
  • There are multiple ways of obtaining Artifacts: doing Archaeological Expeditions, or by passing random Events in any expedition; buying from Madame Kahina, or as gifts/rewards from NPC players.
  • At least one tile of the module has to be adjacent to the main building or to another module.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Museums which can be built on the same island. Items may be split in order to exploit smaller areas or take advantage of different bonuses from Sheet Music, as only one Music Pavilion can be attached to the main building. The downside of having more Museums is higher maintenance cost and total space used.

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