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Land of Lions is the seventh Anno 1800 DLC and was released on October 22nd, 2020. It is the third DLC of the Season 2 Pass. It adds:

  • A new region set in Africa, 'Enbesa', which contains arid drylands that can be transformed into fertile lands using Icon water pump 0.png Water Pumps and Icon canal 0.png Canals.
  • Three new population tiers: Icon resident sheperd 0.png Shepherds and Icon resident elder 0.png Elders in the new Enbesa region, and Icon resident scholars 0.png Scholars as a 6th resident tier in the Old World.
  • New production chains involving goods produced in the new region.
  • A new main storyline quest "The Rise of Emperor Ketema"
  • A set of NPC islands each with its own side story and unique rewards.
  • A new end-game Icon research center 0.png Research Institute that allows players to research and produce items and powerful 'major discovery' technologies.
  • New collections for the Museum.png Museum and Zoo.png Zoo

Official description

Venture to the Land of Lions, a roaring southern continent whose people use irrigation to help supply a whole new set of needs! Meet a local Emperor who has faith his empire can be a match for any other.

New Content

  • A Budding Empire - Help Emperor Ketema bring stability to Enbesa from its new capital Taborime. Fend off threats from within and without to bring peace and prosperity to the region. Discover Enbesa's rich history, and benefit from this knowledge with new bonuses.
  • Harness The Power Of Water - Construct a brand new canal system to irrigate the fields! Fulfill the needs of the shepherds and elders of Enbesa, achieve new economic heights, and watch the desert bloom!
  • Construct A Monument To Knowledge - Build the new Research Institute in the Old World, and discover new technologies indistinguishable from magic. Turn soil fertile, produce goods from alternative resources, and find the exact specialist or machines you need!
  • A New Class Of Thinkers - Bring scholars to the Old World from all around the world! Fulfill their cosmopolitan needs so that, alongside your engineers, they may fuel scientific progress!


Land of Lions DLC adds a new singleplayer main storyline quest campaign. It starts shortly after reaching 100 Artisans in the Icon session moderate 0.png The Old World region. Upon reaching the new Icon session land of lions 0.png Enbesa region the player is introduced to Emperor Ketema who continues the main story quest campaign for the region, during which they are introduced to the residents of three side story islands, each of which has their own quest chain. The following pages contain lists of quests that can be offered and decisions that must be made as part of those quest chains:

Main storyline:

Side storylines:

Making certain decisions within each island's story quest chain can provide the player with permanent region-wide buffs (see individual storyline pages for full story walkthroughs and rewards).

The story campaign does not occur in multiplayer games, but the players can still trade with Emperor Ketema's harbor.