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Land of Lions is the seventh Anno 1800 DLC and was released on October 22nd, 2020. It is the third DLC of the Season 2 Pass. It adds a new region Enbesa, inspired by eastern Africa. The region consists of multiple islands with hot climate, its gameplay is focused on irrigation, which is necessary to make dry lands fertile and suitable for planting crops. Enbesa is a home for two new population tiers: Icon resident sheperd 0.png Shepherds and Icon resident elder 0.png Elders, there is also an additional tier in Old World: Icon resident scholars 0.png Scholars. Each tier brings new needs, buildings and production chains. A new monument called Research Institute, along scholars, grants access to research which can be used to create items or use powerful abilities, such as changing island's fertilities.

Content of the DLC

One of the main additions of Land of Lions DLC is a new region, the eponymous Land of Lions, also known as Enbesa, unlocked after completing an expedition available once you have 100 Artisans.png Artisans. Enbesa consists of multiple islands where the climate is hot and savanna is the main biome. To make the land fertile and suitable for farming it is necessary to use the irrigation system, placing water pumps on limited river slots and laying out canals around the farms.

Population of Enbesa is divided into two tiers: shepherds and elders. Both include new buildings, goods, production chains and needs, as well as resident quests and festivals. After making sure Enbesa is developed well enough, it is possible to attract scholars to Old World cities – a new and separate population tier in Old World. Scholars also come with new buildings, goods and needs.

Developing Enbesa also allows to construct a monumental research institute on one of the Old World islands. In the institute you can conduct research in order to reliably acquire items or to use some powerful abilities, like moving oil and clay deposits or changing islands' fertilities. Research capability is limited by the number of scholars – the more scholars you have, the more research points you may have. Engineers are also essential and having a lot of engineer workforce allows to significantly speed up the research process.

The DLC includes a set of four storylines, one being a main storyline and three side ones. They are available only in single-player campaign or sandbox, not available in multiplayer. After the arrival in Enbesa, its ruler Emperor Ketema asks for help in building his capital city Taborime. You can agree, starting the main storyline, or refuse. Later on Emperor asks if you are willing to help him unite Enbesa. Agreeing to help him unlocks all three side storylines, one per each of the independent islands. Player's task is to convince their inhabitants to join the Ketema's empire. Each storyline is an opportunity to learn more about Enbesa's history and culture, as well as to gain unique bonuses and items. The storylines include RPG elements and their outcome depends on player's choices.

Overall the DLC adds the following elements:

Official description

Venture to the Land of Lions, a roaring southern continent whose people use irrigation to help supply a whole new set of needs! Meet a local Emperor who has faith his empire can be a match for any other.

New Content

  • A Budding Empire - Help Emperor Ketema bring stability to Enbesa from its new capital Taborime. Fend off threats from within and without to bring peace and prosperity to the region. Discover Enbesa's rich history, and benefit from this knowledge with new bonuses.
  • Harness The Power Of Water - Construct a brand new canal system to irrigate the fields! Fulfill the needs of the shepherds and elders of Enbesa, achieve new economic heights, and watch the desert bloom!
  • Construct A Monument To Knowledge - Build the new Research Institute in the Old World, and discover new technologies indistinguishable from magic. Turn soil fertile, produce goods from alternative resources, and find the exact specialist or machines you need!
  • A New Class Of Thinkers - Bring scholars to the Old World from all around the world! Fulfill their cosmopolitan needs so that, alongside your engineers, they may fuel scientific progress!