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Lady Margaret Hunt is one of the expanding, AI controlled characters of "Expert" difficulty, alongside Alonso Graves and Admiral Vicente Silva.


A highly capable administrator and clever schemer, Margaret is one of the more dangerous A.I. opponent in Anno 1800.

Born into the Harlow family, Margaret is the aunt of Anne Harlow and was the sister of Benjamin Harlow. In the distant past, Benjamin Harlow acted against the father of the current Queen. Rumors imply that the King was mad and Benjamin did little more than speak out against him. For her part, Margaret also disdains the use of propaganda and places apparent value in people's ability to speak out against bad leadership.

Whatever the case, Benjamin was hanged for treason and the Harlow name lay ruined. As a result, Margaret adopted the "Hunt" surname to distance herself from Benjamin and carefully worked to restore her reputation with the Royal Court. Since then, Margaret has pulled herself up to become a respected member of the Royal Council. Only occasionally will she confide that it's hard to forget historic trespasses, whenever the player's reputation with her decreases.

Spoilers follow

It's heavily implied that Margaret is the leader of the Pyrphorians, and that she dons the masked guise of their Grandmaster during the Main Campaign. If so, their entire rise is undoubtedly Margaret's long running scheme to topple the Crown and take her revenge.

Despite being somewhat muffled by a mask, the Pyrphorian Grandmaster has the same voice as Margaret.

Sin and fire is a theme that Margaret shares with the Pyrphorian cult. If a fire gets out of control in one of your cities, Margaret shows a similar obsession with conflagrations and comments that you should just let the fire cleanse your city. Margaret also has early quests that have a relation to sin, like fetching grain to count kernels as penance.

When the Pyrphorians are defeated in the campaign, every other NPC on the map will congratulate you jubilantly. Margaret's portrait is the only one who'll pop up, but chooses to remain silent. Anne Harlow remarks that the Grandmaster seems familiar.

Margaret occasionally has a quest to return cargo that an absent minded trader left at her port. Even a passing glance by the player reveals that the cargo is weapons and that said trader is a Pyrphorian smuggler. As a capable administrator, Margaret knows better than that.

Personality & Strategy

Where other A.I. players exist beside the player to build up their own company in a way that matches their personality and declare war only when an opponent gets in the way of building that company, Margaret and her company appear to exist entirely to eliminate others from the very start. She's quicker to develop a well-balanced company than any other A.I. and declares war the moment another player appears weak enough to defeat.

You can postpone having to go to war against Margaret by maintaining a good relationship and not being the weakest player on the map militarily. She'll go after others instead.

If you're the only player left however, Margaret's just biding her time and building her strength until you slip up and give her an excuse. You'll need to keep your company's strength high and an constant eye on Margaret to convince her that now's not the right time to stab you in the back.


Apart from the varying results from "Flattering", "Insulting" and "Offering Gifts" depending on their likeliness, the relationship with Lady Margaret can be affected with the following:

Action / Condition Reputation Change
Positive Influences
Having disasters on your islands ?
Increasing pollution on main island +2
Signing a trade agreement with Anne Harlow +8
Signing an alliance with Anne Harlow +5
Signing an alliance with Princess Qing +5
Negative Influences
Using propaganda -5
Buying her shares -4
Expanding faster than her ?
Buying out one of her islands -40