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Influence, appearing in Anno 1800 as Influence.png, is a special resource which can be invested to increase the power of one's empire. Influence can be used in a variety of ways such as spreading propaganda, constructing ships, settling additional islands, buying shares of a competitor's islands etc. Influence can be gained by amassing a large population, awarding influence points for reaching next profile levels, based on global population. Attracting Investors.png Investors to your empire by upgrading engineer residences to investor residences also increases your influence pool for each residence upgraded. The amount of influence generated depends on the difficulty setting of influence:

  • easy: 105Influence.png starting amount, 20Influence.png per profile level, 3Influence.png per investor residence
  • medium: 100Influence.png starting amount, 15Influence.png per profile level, 2Influence.png per investor residence
  • hard: 97Influence.png starting amount, 12Influence.png per profile level, 1Influence.png per investor residence

Seat of Power DLC allows you to generate even more influence by using Science Fairs Act policy of Department of Administration to earn 1Influence.png per engineer residence located within town halls affected by the palace or local departments.

Investment categories

Influence DevBlog mockup.png

Influence investments are divided into 6 categories, which might also be divided into subcategories:

  • Propaganda
  • Trade
    • Trading ships
    • Charter routes
    • Airships
  • Military
    • Military ships
    • Defences
  • Optimisation
    • Harbourmaster’s Offices
    • Town Halls
    • Trade Unions
  • Culture
    • Zoo
    • Museum
    • Botanical Garden
  • Expansion
    • Islands
    • Commuter Piers
    • Shares

Influence costs


Each subcategory allows you to use some resources for free, up to a certain limit. After reaching the limit you will have to spend influence points to further invest into the same category. For example, trade category allows you to use up to 3 charter routes at the same time, and to construct a few trade ships (for instance up to 8 schooners). Additional charter routes cost influence, 5 points each. Also additional trade ships cost influence, the amount depends on the type of the ship. Only additional resources require influence, ones that you used up to the limit are still free.

Category Subcategory Limit Influence Costs
Propaganda - 0 Influence.png Distraction: 10 Influence.png
Trade Trade Ships 8 Influence.png Schooner: 1 Influence.png
Clipper: 2 Influence.png
Cargo Ship: 3 Influence.png
Oil Tanker: 5 Influence.png
Extravaganza Steamer: 6 Influence.png
Great Eastern: 10 Influence.png
Charter routes 15 Influence.png One charter route: 5 Influence.png
Airships (The Passage DLC) 8 Influence.png Airship: 4 Influence.png


Military ships 20 Influence.png Gunboat: 2 Influence.png
Frigate: 4 Influence.png
Ship-of-the-line: 8 Influence.png
Battle Cruiser: 12 Influence.png
Monitor: 6 Influence.png
Defences 35 Influence.png Mounted Guns: 3 Influence.png
Cannon Tower: 7 Influence.png
Big Betty: 14 Influence.png
Repair Crane: 3 Influence.png


Harbourmaster's Offices 20 Influence.png Per building: 20 Influence.png
Town Halls 20 Influence.png Per building: 20 Influence.png
Trade Unions (and Arctic Lodges) 20 Influence.png Per building: 20 Influence.png


Museum 100 Influence.png One module: 10 Influence.png
Zoo 100 Influence.png One module: 10 Influence.png
Botanical Garden 200 Influence.png One module: 10 Influence.png
Expansion Islands 60 Influence.png 1 Influence.png per 1000 tiles
Commuter Piers 30 Influence.png Per building: 15 Influence.png
Shares 0 Influence.png One share: 10 Influence.png


Example 1

You have 8 schooners, each cost 1 influence so you meet the exact limit of 8 points, your trade fleet costs no influence. Constructing another schooner will lower your available influence pool by 1 point. If you have no influence points available, you can’t construct any trade ships. To continue developing your trade fleet you need to either free up your influence from another category (for example by destroying or selling some military ships) or gain more population, or build more investor residences.

Example 2

If you have 10 schooners and 2 charter routes you can’t construct more trade ships for free, but you can create one more charter route – even though it’s within the same category, trade ships and charter routes are different subcategories with separate limits.

Cost of islands

Influence cost for islands is directly and only related to their size in tiles, 1Influence.png is charged every 1000 tiles. Each island model has fixed size, and thus expected to always have the same price, although the price shown (and applied) is rounded, and can differ by ±1Influence.png depending on already owned islands.
The price ranges for islands in all regions are as follows:

Old/New World, Cape Trelawney
Large Islands: 32Influence.png - 38Influence.png
Medium Islands: 15Influence.png - 20Influence.png
Small Islands: 2Influence.png - 5Influence.png
Crown Falls is usually 103Influence.png

The Arctic
Cliffs: 4Influence.png
Medium Islands: 8Influence.png - 9Influence.png
Small Islands: 2Influence.png

Large Islands: 23Influence.png - 27Influence.png
Medium Islands: 13Influence.png - 16Influence.png
Small Islands: 7Influence.png - 8Influence.png
Taborime is usually 23Influence.png

Using influence

To use influence you don’t have to perform any special actions. When you reach the limit, your influence points will be automatically invested if you override the limit. For instance when having 8 schooners, to invest your influence into trade ships subcategory you just have to construct or buy a trade ship and respectable amount of influence points will be immediately deducted from your pool.

Freeing up influence points

All invested influence points can be received back if you get rid of corresponding investments. Destroying excess ships, optimisation buildings, zoo, museum or botanical modules, losing islands, shares or having a new newspaper issue – all this actions or events free up influence points which you have previously invested.

Gaining more influence

To gain more influence points you need to expand your population or upgrade more engineer residences to investor residences. At the start of the game you have a base influence pool of 100 points (amount depends on influence difficulty setting). Until reaching 16000 people, every 400 people living in your empire increase your pool by the amount of points that depends on your influence difficulty setting. After reaching 16000 of global population, the number of people required to increase your influence increases exponentially - see: profile level. Additionally, every investor residence will grant you more influence points.

Investment in one category

Investing lots of influence points in one category grants a buff connected to that category. You can get one big buff from one category or several smaller buffs from several different categories. These bonuses are global and affect your entire empire. Investment in one category also grants you a special title. The list of all bonuses is displayed in the table below.

Category Bonus Bonus Strength
50 Influence.png invested 150 Influence.png invested 300 Influence.png invested
Propaganda Increased newspaper effectiveness +7% +15% +25%
Trade Increased speed of trade ships +7% +15% +25%
Military Increased attack speed +7% +15% +25%
Optimisation Decreased maintenance costs -3% -6% -10%
Culture Increased attractiveness +10% +20% +35%
Expansion Additional workforce of every tier on every island (Arctic and Enbesa excluded) +50 +100 +200