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All icons available on this wiki are listed on this page. Please check if there is an icon you want to use before uploading any new ones. If you upload any new icons, make sure they are in original size, and remember to add them to this page in a right category, while maintaining the alphabetical order or the order with which they appear in the game (like in case of groups of ornaments). When uploading icons for buildings or goods, please upload them using the same spelling, punctuation and capitalization that the game uses.


Templates exist for most of the commonly-used icons and should be used instead of linking to the image directly wherever possible:

  • Infoicons
    Templates have been created for common icons. (See the Infoicons Category page for the full list). These icons are all 24px by default; If you need to insert icons of a different size, then don't use and don't change the infoicons templates, and insert them in a normal way instead ([[File:Credits.png|??px]] with desired size).
    • Credits.png {{Infoicon Credits}}
    • Engineers {{Infoicon Workforce Engineers}}
    • Attractiveness.png {{Infoicon Attractiveness}}
    • Credits.png {{Infoicon Credits}}
  • Template:Goodsicon For including the icon for a specific good. A size can be specified for these icons if you need them in a different size. Examples:
    • Work clothes.png is produced from {{Goodsicon|Work Clothes}}
    • Gold Ore.png is produced from {{Goodsicon|Gold Ore|size=20}}
  • Template:Goodslink For specifying a certain amount of a good and linking to its page. See the template page for more options.
    • Beer.png 99 Beer is produced from {{Goodslink|Beer|99}}
    • Weapons.png Weapons is produced from {{Goodslink|Weapons|}}
    • Pocket watch.png 1 Pocket Watch is produced from {{Goodslink|Pocket Watches|1|text=Pocket Watch}}
  • Template:Buildingicon for including the icon for a specific building. See the template page for more options.
    • Pub.png is produced from {{Buildingicon|Pub}}
  • Template:Buildinglink for linking a building along with its name and icon. See the template page for more options.
    • Church.png Church is produced from {{Buildinglink|Church}}

Buildings icons

Production buildings and goods icons

Where possible, use the equivalent Template instead of linking to the building or good icon directly.

Goods Icons (Sunken Depths)

Goods Icons (Arctic)

Public buildings

Harbour buildings

Arctic buildings



Old World

Modest Park
Quaint Park
Pleasant Park
Pleasant Esplanade
Elaborate Park
Elaborate Esplanade
Luxurious Park
World's Fair ornaments

New World

? Park
? Park

Other buildings icons

Resources icons

Newspapers icons

Influence buffs icons

Population icons

Ships icons

Expedition icons

Items icons


Exhibits for museum

Items for Arctic Lodge

Items for Harbourmaster's Office