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Husky Sleds.png Husky Sleds is a consumer good consumed by Technicians.png Technicians. By default, it can be produced only in the Arctic.


Basic need

Husky Sleds.png Husky Sleds fulfills a basic need of Technicians.png Technicians.

Consumption Influx Income
Technicians.png Technicians 0.000300030 4 +18/+18/+16


Husky Sleds can be used during expedtions, they grant 15 bonus points to crafting skill and 15 bonus morale per 50 tons


Husky sleds can be passively sold for 1440Credits.png or purchased for 3600Credits.png per ton. No neutral trader buys or sells husky sleds for a special price.


Husky sleds are produced in a Husky Sled Factory.png Husky Sled Factory from Sleds.png Sleds and Huskies.png Huskies. The basic production chain for husky sleds is shown below:

Husky Sleds.pngHusky Sleds
Icon dlc passage.png

Balance.png -5720Explorers -50Technicians -1360

Credits.png 59700Timber 330Steel Beams 44


Arctic Lodge items

There are no Arctic Lodge items which would involve husky sleds in any way.