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The Heater is an Arctic building that works much like the Oil Power Plant. It will consume fuel in the form of Coal.png coal and instead of turning it into another product, will provide a public service that spreads out from the Heater as influence, across the adjacent network of roads. The Heater's range of influence is visually depicted as a network of pipes running across the middle of the affected roads (see picture).

Any Arctic building touching the Heater's range of influence and these pipes, is counted as being "heated". With the exception of the Arctic version of the Charcoal Kiln - which can heat itself - all Arctic Buildings need to be heated. Production Facilities cannot function without heating, and Residences have a Need for the Heater's output as one of several ways to stay warm in the Arctic (other than supplying your residents with goods such as comfy parkas, hot coffee and cozy sleeping bags).

In fact, the Heater is the single greatest source of warmth, producing 32 Heater.png heat out of a maximum of 60 possible for residents in the arctic. This makes the Heater the best measure available for preventing virulent outbreaks of Arctic Flu. While the heater might not be strictly required for upgrading a player's settlements - since it does not fulfill a basic need - it does prevent the Arctic population from being sick, unavailable for work, and incapable of reaching the maximum occupancy necessary to evolve an Explorer's Residence to Technician Tier more often than not.

The Influence range of the Heater across an unbroken sequence of horizontally or vertically adjacent road tiles is 19. This range is absolute: Unlike other Public Services, its influence has no gradation and is always 100%, or nothing. Since roads in the Arctic cannot be paved and only come in the standard version, this range is always 19 tiles (not considering the use of items).


Heater can be affected by only one Arctic Lodge: the Zappy Battery #2205. The +20% range bonus brings the maximum range to 22 tiles.

Zappy Battery.pngZappy Battery #2205
DLC Required
The Passage
Not only current, but futuristic too! Old N8's futuristic zapper carbonises logs so you don't have to.
Arctic Lodge Equipped in Arctic Lodge

Heater Heater
Replaced Input
Instead of Coal Coal, the building processes Wood Wood.
Range: +20%
Expedition Bonus
ExpeditionCrafting.png Crafting: +35
Crafting Cost
Lost Expedition Scrap.png 25 Lost Expedition Scrap
Coal.png 30 Coal
Source: crafting at Old Nate's workshop in the Arctic

An example of a Production Facility under the influence of a Heater. Note the little gauge below the infotab's central cogwheel. In the picture to the left, the facility is heated and operates at 100%, with the gauge having a fiery visual. To the right, the facility is not heated, the gauge is empty and work has ground to a halt. There is a warning icon to the left of the explorer's portrait and one above the facility in the game's main view.