Residents do not require full happiness to advance to the next population tier, only their basic needs must be fulfilled. Happy residents pay higher taxes, are less likely to riot and can organise festivals that provide useful buffs to the islands' residents, production, or attractiveness.

Happiness levels

  • Angry: less than -50Happiness negative.png
  • Unhappy: -50Happiness negative.png to -21Happiness negative.png
  • Content: -20Happiness negative.png to 19Happiness positive.png
  • Happy: 20Happiness positive.png to 49Happiness positive.png
  • Euphoric: 50Happiness positive.png or more

Happiness factors

The happiness levels are influenced by five factors:

  • Luxury
  • Island peace
  • Working conditions
  • Pollution
  • News


People want to be supplied with luxury goods like schnapps and have access to certain public buildings like church. Fulfilling all luxury needs grants +20Happiness positive.png happiness. When no luxury need is fulfilled people are dissatisfied and happiness is lowered by 20Happiness negative.png.

For more details see: needs.

Island peace

People are happy when their home island is safe and there is no war (+5Happiness positive.png happiness). When the island is under attack happiness gets lower and lower the longer a war goes on.

Working conditions

It is possible to exploit your people making them work harder which negatively impacts their happiness (up to -40Happiness negative.png). You can also shorten their working time to make them happy (up to +40Happiness positive.png). Working conditions are specific for every production building, but overall happiness change is applied to a specific tier basing on how much of its workforce is being exploited. Overall happiness change is based on three factors: applied working conditions, amount of workforce being employed in the affected factories, total workforce pool of the island. More info about Working Conditions, as well as the specific formula for calculating overall happiness change of a specific tier, can be found on the specific page.


Heavy industry factories generate pollution which lowers both population's happiness and city attractiveness. Having no heavy industry factories increases inhabitants' happiness (+5Happiness positive.png). Every factory, which generates pollution, decreases happiness bonus. When enough factories are built, the pollution factor turns neutral and then negative up to -20Happiness negative.png.


Newspaper articles can influence the happiness of your people. Negative articles about fires or wars lower population's happiness (-5Happiness negative.png). Positive articles about better diplomatic relations or positive credit balance increase the happiness (+5Happiness positive.png). Some articles can also be neutral. It is possible to use influence to change the impact of articles but using too much propaganda can result in lower happiness and riots.

For more details see: newspapers.


Happy population can organise festivals which last for around 30-35 minutes and have powerful island-wide effects.

Festival types

Festival type Description Effects
Arts Festival The cultural heart of your city is throbbing! Theatrical, musical, and literary events have gripped the place, to the great delight of your visitors! +400 Attractiveness.png

Public services: -50% maintenance, +5 attractiveness.

Zoos and Museums: -100% maintenance, +5% attractiveness.

Beer Festival The most gleefully-anticipated festival! The beer flows freely, and joy and good humour follows! Some like to call it Oktoberfest! +250 Attractiveness.png +25Happiness positive.png

Residents are provided with schnapps, beer, rum and champagne.

Alcohol production chains: +50% production, -25% workforce needed.

Commemoration Day Your population have rarely showed as much faith in their esteemed leader than today! They express their patriotism in honour of your great accomplishments. +250 Attractiveness.png +10Happiness positive.png +15% workforce

Shipyards and weapons production chains: +300% production, -50% maintenance

Harvest Festival This traditional festival manifests in a magnificent feast for your citizens, to celebrate a bounteous end to the harvest! +250 Attractiveness.png +10Happiness positive.png +10% taxes

Crop farms: +50% production, -100% maintenance, occasionally produce extra rum, champagne, cigars and chocolate

Town Carnival What better than a bit of official mayhem once a year? Masked and fancy-dressed, your citizens can forget themselves and really cut loose! +250 Attractiveness.png +40Happiness positive.png

Residents are provided with work clothes, fur coats, jewellery, glasses, ponchos and bowler hats.

The chance of specialists visiting your island are increased by +100%.

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