This will be an in-depth guide to figuring out everything you need to produce, transport, and supply oil to your Oil Power Plants .


Although production and consumption timings are fairly straightforward in Anno 1800, some might prefer a slightly more in-depth look at oil usage, needs, and tanker requirements. Hopefully this will help.

Oil Power Plant and Oil Refinery

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Oil Power Plant usage.

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Oil Refinery production with 3 Oil Wells.

Looking at the consumption needs for the Oil Power Plant , we see that it takes 1t of oil every 5 seconds to keep the power running. This is regardless of how many or what type of buildings are connected to it.

An Oil Refinery with three Oil Wells will run at 300% and produce exactly 1t of oil every 5 seconds. In essence:

3 Oil Wells will supply 1 Oil Power Plant

However, since you might be dealing with extra production bonuses, we can instead say that every 300% of Oil Refinery production will produce enough oil for a single power plant.

As an example, if I have a New World island with two Oil Refineries and 6 Oil Wells a piece, the total combined oil production is 1200%, or enough for four power plants. If I bump up the work productivity by 50%, my new total is 1800%, or enough oil for six power plants.

Oil Tankers

Each Oil Tanker can hold a maximum of 400t of oil.

For one power plant, this will last for 33 minutes and 20 seconds.

For two power plants, this will last for 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

For three power plants, this will last for 11 minutes and 6 seconds.

The average time an oil tanker will spend in the "crossing" (the ocean between New and Old World) is around 9-10 minutes for one round-trip. Then you have to add in the travel time from the world border to the actual island it's going to.

Essentially, with no oil wells on your Old World island, you will want one Oil Tanker for every two power plants. With your production and consumption islands both at the edge of the New and Old Worlds, it may be possible to have one Oil Tanker for every three power plants.

Oil Harbors

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Wait For Goods option.

The easiest way to increase your oil storage is by upgrading your Oil Harbor from small (500t) to medium (750t) or to large (1000t). You can also add additional oil storage units to increase storage by 200t each, but these will take up shore space as well. As it stands, 1000t of storage should be enough, but here's some tricks to make sure your power plants never go down:

1.) Over produce what you need by at least 2-3 wells.

2.) On the trade route configurations for your oil tankers, make sure the button is enabled for them not to leave port until the ship storage is full. As an example, if you have four oil tankers arrive at an island at the same time, and the island only has 1000t of oil, a few of them will have to wait. However, because a few had to wait this time, they won't arrive together the next time, so the ships will fall into a natural cycle of arriving separately. This means you need less storage on the production island.

3.) However, as your production on an island and the number of oil tankers increases, you may want to increase storage simply for peace of mind.

4.) Make sure your receiving island has enough storage to accept all of its tankers at the same time, should that occur.

Track Segment Occupied

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Parallel tracks can help keep your trains moving on time.

Occasionally you might see a notice above your Oil Harbor that it wants to send out a train but the track is in use. If you have too many refineries or oil plants on a single track line, this might be the cause. If this notice only rarely pops up, you can probably ignore it, as trains are usually sent well before a refinery is full, or an oil plant is empty.

However, if you start to encounter power plants running out of oil when your harbor has plenty, you may want to "branch" your train tracks out, instead of having one power plant after another on the same track. Additionally, on long stretches of track you can add parallel runs so that trains can come and go at the same time. Lastly, if you have two tracks going to different sides of an island, you can try completing the "loop" around the island. This is especially helpful if you have oil wells on an Old World island, as oil can travel straight from refineries to power plants, bypassing the harbor.


Hopefully this alleviates confusion for those trying to wrap their head around oil production and transport, but for a shorter summary:

3 Oil Wells production for every 1 power plant

1 Oil Tanker transport for every 2 power plants

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