Gas mines are late-stage production buildings in Anno 1800's Arctic region.

Their function is roughly similar to that of Oil Refineries found in Old World and New World. Gas Mines can build Gas Pumps upon Gas Deposits within their radius, to extract Gas Gas. This gas can then be shipped to Gas Power Plants in Old World and Cape Trelawney to produce electricity for the residences and factories there.

An important difference in generating Electricity by Gas or Oil, is that Gas does not require the extensive development of a Railway Network. Instead, the difficulty lies elsewhere. See the page on Electricity for a description of its challenges.


Some items when equipped in Arctic Lodges can have an impact on gas mines. Below you can find lists of such items.


Gritty Gas Extractor Gritty Gas Extractor
DLC Required
The Passage
A mule so assiduous in its quest for gas, it is willing to pause only for copper and zinc.
Arctic Lodge Equipped in Arctic Lodge

Affects when activated
Gas Mine Gas Mine
When activated
Productivity: +40%
Extra Goods
Occasionally produces extra Zinc Zinc every 2nd cycle
Occasionally produces extra Copper Copper every 2nd cycle

Expedition Bonus
ExpeditionCrafting Crafting: +25
Crafting Cost
Gas 20 Gas
Lost Expedition Scrap 50 Lost Expedition Scrap
Steel 10 Steel
Caoutchouc 5 Caoutchouc
Source: crafting at Old Nate's workshop in the Arctic

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