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The world of Anno 1800 is made up of several regions, each of them located in a particular biome (climate zone). Currently in the game, there are four different biomes:

Each biome has different type of population, buildings, production chains, available fertilies and resources, along with possessing distinctive looks through flora and fauna. Some fertilities and resources are unique to one climate and it is all but necessary to transport the goods produced between regions and climates for the proper development of a player's empire. This by use of trade routes, charter routes, or sending ships to other regions manually.

Each region consists of several islands with an ocean between them. The size of the region, islands arrangement, fertilities, resource dispersal and room available for construction are all based on game settings chosen upon initialization. World generation is affected by game seed as well as all other other settings which can be modified when starting a new match.

World Map

The World Map shows all unlocked regions, the ships traveling between them and all available expeditions. From here you can switch between regions, monitor your global trade routes, check out expeditions and send your ships to embark upon them.


Icon session moderate 0.png The Old World

ANNO screen GC Tier5 City Scene 01.png

See also: The Old World

The Old World is the first playable region available and should be the region where most of your population is located. It is based on the 19th century Europe. 

Population in the Old World is divided into five tiers (six with the Land of Lions DLC: Farmers.png Farmers, Workers.png Workers, Artisans.png Artisans, Engineers.png Engineers, Investors.png Investors, and (with the Land of Lions DLC) Icon resident scholars 0.png Scholars. Goods produced in the Old World focus mainly on industrialization, most of them require heavy industry and mined resources such as Iron.png iron, Coal.png coal, Copper.png copper or Zinc.png zinc. Only a few require crop or animal farms and their products like Grain.png grain or Pigs.png pigs.

Besides yourself and other expanding players (either AI or human) some neutral traders and pirates can also be located in the Old World. Each of them settles a separate special island. Sir Archibald Blake is always present in the Old World while the presence of Madame Kahina, Eli Bleakworth and Anne Harlow is optional.

Icon session southamerica 0.png The New World

ANNO screen GC South America Island.png

See also: The New World

The New World is the second playable region, available after completing a special discovery expedition, after advancing to the Artisans.png Artisans tier.

Population in the New World is divided into two tiers: Jornaleros.png Jornaleros and Obreros.png Obreros. New World production focuses on farming and its main role is to support the Old World population with goods such as Cotton fabric.png cotton fabric, Rum.png rum, Coffee.png coffee, Gold Ore.png gold ore, Caoutchouc.png caoutchouc, Oil.png oil, Pearls.png pearls, Cigars.png cigars and Chocolate.png chocolate.

Depending on the initial game setting, besides yourself and other expanding players (either AI or human), neutral trader Isabel Sarmento and pirate Jean La Fortune can be located in this region. They've settled their own, predetermined island from the start and won't expand.

Icon session sunken treasure.png Cape Trelawney

Anno1800 DLC Sunken-Treasures Continental Island.jpg

See also: Cape Trelawney

Cape Trelawney is the third playable region, available with the Sunken Treasures DLC after reaching 700 Artisans.png Artisans and completing a special expedition. The region is very similar to the Old World. What makes it much different is its continental island which allows to create a huge city.

Besides yourself and other expanding players (either AI or human), a neutral trader by the name of Old Nate is located in Cape Trelawney. He's settled his own, predetermined island from the start, won't expand and will provides access to new features: crafting and the salvager.

Icon session land of lions 0.png Enbesa



See also: Enbesa

Enbesa is the fourth playable region, available after advancing to a population of at least 100 Artisans.png Artisans.

The population in Enbesa is divided into two tiers: Icon resident sheperd 0.png Shepherds and Icon resident elder 0.png Elders. Production in Enbesa focuses heavily on crops and farms, with the need to irrigate dry land to make it fertile. Enbesa goods are vital for the new Icon resident scholars 0.png Scholars Old World resident tier that focuses on Research.

Enbesa is also home to the ambitious Emperor Ketema and his associated main story quests, along with three separate 'story islands', each with it's own storyline and unique reward.

Icon session passage 0.png The Arctic


See also: The Arctic

The Arctic is the fifth playable region, added the The Passage DLC and available in-game after advancing to the Engineers.png Engineers tier.

The population in the Arctic is divided into two tiers: Explorers.png Explorers and Technicians.png Technicians. Production in the Arctic focuses on surviving the environment by exploiting the local Caribou Meat.png caribou, Seal Skin.png seals, Whale Oil.png whales, Bear Fur.png bears, Goose Feathers.png geese and Huskies.png huskies for gear and comfort. Once Arctic settlements have managed a certain standard of living, the region's abundance of Gold Ore.png gold ore, Furs.png fur - alongside new Gas.png gas and airship technology - can be imported back to Old World.

Besides yourself and other expanding players (either AI or human), the native Inuit have settled their own predetermined location from the start, won't expand and are willing to trade with you.

ExpeditionNavigation.png Expeditions

ANNO screen GC Expedition Mission.png

See also: Expeditions

Once Artisans.png Artisans move into one of your cities in the Old World, expedition feature becomes unlocked. The First expedition is always a discovery expedition and completing it rewards with the Icon session southamerica 0.png The New World being unlocked, with a second expedition to unlock Icon session land of lions 0.png Enbesa also unlocked by reaching Artisans if the player has the Land of Lions DLC. After the first expedition is completed, other types of expeditions are unlocked. They are a great source of all types of items, either acquired as final expedition rewards or during randomized events.

All expeditions are marked on the World Map in different locations and climate zones, which along with the expedition type determine possible rewards pool.