Each region in Anno 1800 has its own set of fertilities and resources, which are randomly assigned to the islands present there. The amount of fertilities and resource deposits available, depends on difficulty settings.

A detailed summary can be brought up by hovering the player's view over an island. A series of icons above the minimap will summarize the availability of fertilities and the number of resource deposits on the island. Clicking the icons of the resources, will cause the view to center on their locations.

A more general overview of an island's fertilities and resources is displayed when hovering the cursor over islands in the trade route menu.



A Grain Farm produces Grain Grain when placed on an island with the grain fertility.

Fertilities in the context of Anno 1800, refer to islands having the ability to support the growth and/or harvesting of a specific organic material. Production buildings that are designed to exploit these fertilities, need them to function and cannot be placed without them. There's a wide variety of fertilities and buildings too:

  • Farms make use of crop fertilities to place their fields in any shape the player desires, as long as the field tiles are adjacent.
  • Forest buildings, like the Lumberjack and Hunting Cabin, make use of weald fertilities like trees and fur to hunt or lumber the woodland life in a small radius directly around them. If these are not initially placed within a forested area, these buildings will seed their own forests and take a while to get started.
  • Harbor buildings exploit aquatic fertilities and don't need additional tiles besides their own building to function.

The rule for fertilities, as opposed to resources, is that fertilities have no specific deposit or area where they need to be exploited. If an island has the correct fertility, the farms can grow the crop, the forest posts can hunt the animal, and the harbour buildings can fish for the material anywhere the player would like them upon the island in question. Most of these buildings - like farms and posts - do need a large amount of surface space to work however and the player might quickly find themselves running out of room on smaller islands. Impeding upon or limiting such a building's work space, will decrease its productivity. Harbor buildings have another problem in that they're build upon a limited amount of coastline.

If an island doesn't have a certain crop fertility the player might want for their farms, it is still possible to force an island to adapt a fertility in a small radius around the trade union by equipping it with certain seed items. The farm building itself can then be build within this radius, with its farming fields extending beyond that. The Botanic Garden can also force an island to adapt fertilities with a specific combination of items, and this fertility will be island-wide.

Regional Fertilities
Icon session moderate 0 The Old World
Icon session sunken treasure dark Cape Trelawney
Potato Potato, Grain Grain, Hops Hops, Red peppers Red Peppers, Furs Furs, Saltpeter Saltpeter, Grapes Grapes
Icon session southamerica 0 The New World Plantains Plantains, Sugar cane Sugar Cane, Cotton Cotton, Caoutchouc Caoutchouc, Corn Corn, Coffee beans Coffee Beans,

Pearls Pearls, Tobacco Tobacco, Cocoa Cocoa

Icon session passage 0 The Arctic ForestForests, Whale Oil Whales, Caribou Meat Caribou,Seal Skin Seals, Bear Fur Bears, Furs Fur



An Iron Mine extracts iron from a deposit.

Resources in the context of Anno 1800, refer to an island possessing certain mineral or fossil fuel deposits. Production buildings that are designed to exploit these fertilities, need them to function and and cannot be placed without them.

  • Mineral ores are exploited by building mines on the side of a mountain where a vein or deposits of the resource exists.
  • If the soil has the consistency of clay, quarries can be placed upon the field.
  • Fossil fuels are exploited by building a refinery. Refineries have a radius in which pumps can be placed atop underground wells of the fuel.

The rule for resources, as opposed to fertilities, is that resources are only found as a specific, predetermined amount of deposits, upon which only one building can be placed, capable of extracting it. This means that - aside from building the infrastructure necessary to support the mine, quarry or refinery - the exploitation of resources does not take up a lot of space. Since the number of deposits is limited however, the player's ability to exploit resources is relatively finite.

Regional Resources
Icon session moderate 0 The Old World
Icon session sunken treasure dark Cape Trelawney
Clay Clay, Iron Iron, Coal Coal, Cement Cement, Copper Copper, Zinc Zinc, Oil Oil,
Icon session southamerica 0 The New World Clay Clay, Gold Ore Gold Ore, Oil Oil
Icon session passage 0 The Arctic Gold Ore Gold Ore, Gas Gas

Region Abundances


A Pig Farm can produce Pigs Pigs on any island in the Old World.

Region-wide abundances are fertilities and resources that the game doesn't mention islands as having, since they're not remarkable. All islands within the region possess these. Players can build the associated buildings in any spot within the region that's valid for construction, and the building will function just fine as long as all its other condition are met.

Regional Abundances
Icon session moderate 0 The Old World
Icon session sunken treasure dark Cape Trelawney
ForestForests, Fish Fish, Wool Wool, Pigs Pigs, Charcoal kiln Charcoal Kiln (by turning trees to charcoal), Quartz sand Quartz Sand, Beef Beef
Icon session southamerica 0 The New World ForestForests, Fish Oil Fish Oil, Alpaca wool Alpaca woolBeef Beef
Icon session passage 0 The Arctic Goose Feathers Geese, Huskies Huskies
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