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Many players create their own tools for Anno 1800, including calculators, layout designers, autokey commands, and other useful tools. Here you can find a list of such tools created by Anno fans for other players. If you want to learn more about modding the game itself to add things such as new buildings, ornaments, or even make adjustments to game mechanics, check out the modding page.

List of tools


Needs Calculators - programs or websites which let you calculate the needs of your population: how much they consume, how many production buildings you need to satisfy their needs etc. Be aware that this functionality is now in-game via the Production tab in the Statistics Screen as of Patch 6.0. Use Ctrl+Q to get there or select the Statistics button on any production building.


  • Anno Designer - a program to design building layouts for Anno games
  • Asset Viewer - a program to search for items using a lot of filters; to display item pools (expeditions, tourism, harbour)
  • Anno 1800 Collection Tracker - A program that allows you to track your gained cultural items one has across several islands.
  • UXEnhancer - a bundle of programs:
    • Statistics Extractor: Automatically refresh values in the calculator
    • Rerollbot: Automatically buy the items you want (more robust than Auto Clicker 
  • [DEPRECATED] Anno Toolkit - a webapp to identify fitting items & specialists for guildhouse, townhall and harbourmaster office (supported DLCs: up to Land of Lions)
  • [DEPRECATED] Auto Clicker - a program to automatically accept visitors, handle the newspaper and buy required items from Nate and Eli (warning: only works for 1920x1080 resolution and when color settings are not changed; usage: install autohotkey and autoit from the zip, then open (not execute!) anno1800.au3 and read the instructions)
  • [DEPRECATED] Savegame Viewer - a program to show stats for items, buildings, and buffs (where allocated/build, how many, ...) of a stored savegame