A view of the world map, dotted with golden pins, seen to the north and south of the region, signifying the availability of expeditions.

Expeditions are an integral part of Anno 1800's gameplay and are unlocked by reaching the Artisans.png Artisans population tier. The first of these leads to the crucial discovery of New World and more become available afterwards. The majority of expeditions are meant to acquire useful items - such as exotic animals for zoos, artifacts for museums and various specialists.

Expeditions are launched by sending one of your ships on an unseen journey to distant lands. Expeditions are dangerous and to ensure the ship survives, a careful selection of additional goods and specialists of your own should be brought aboard to grant the expedition a certain amount of skill. The danger involved comes in the form of events.

When an event crops up, the player will be informed by a text-adventure menu and will need to make a choice on how the expedition should proceed. Events require certain skills to be overcome and rations to maintain morale after the event has been completed and continue on with the expedition. A successful event may reward extra morale, items, goods, or nothing, depending on the choices made. Failure on the other hand, can lead to the loss of morale, a ship's cargo and items, and can sometimes even lead to the loss of the entire ship and the expedition with it.

Types of expeditions

The expedition menu, showing the expedition type, rewards and the recommended skills that the expedition should possess.

Each expedition is associated with a different award type:

  • Discovery expedition – Unlocks a new region
  • Archeological expedition – Artifacts for museums
  • Botanical expedition - Plants for botanic gardens
  • Zoological expedition – Animals for zoos
  • Rescue missions – Specialists and Items
  • Pirate hunt – Items and Maps (if Sunken Treasures is installed)

The difficulty of an expedition is designated by the amount of skulls - more skulls mean higher difficulty. Harder expeditions last longer, have more events but also carry greater rewards.

  • One skull - easy expedition - uncommon and rare items
  • Two skulls - medium expedition - rare and epic items
  • Three skulls - hard expedition - epic and legendary items

Preparation, Skills and Event Choice

When the expedition encounters an event, players are given a choice on how to surmount it. These choices are usually associated with a specific skill. Skills are granted to the expedition by sending along specific types of cargo and passengers.

As an example: A violent storm may challenge your expedition. You are then given a choice between usingExpeditionFaith.png faith to weather the storm, or using ExpeditionNavigation.png navigation to sail through it. Both faith and navigation are skills.

At the start of the expedition, the captain will hand you his best estimation of the most important skills required to overcome the majority of the expedition's challenges. Aside from Rum.png extra rations, which are always recommended on long journeys, the categories of skills are as follows:

In this example, an event offers the player a choice between using the expedition's faith or navigation skills to overcome it. In this example, the Bosun specialist and the ship add an additional chance to beat the challenge through navigation.

  • ExpeditionCrafting.pngCrafting
  • ExpeditionDiplomacy.pngDiplomacy
  • ExpeditionFaith.pngFaith
  • ExpeditionForce.pngForce
  • ExpeditionHunting.pngHunting
  • ExpeditionMedicine.pngMedicine
  • ExpeditionNavigation.pngNavigation
  • ExpeditionNavalPower.pngNaval Power

To supply the expedition with these skills, nearly all items and goods come with a skill rating. Even the ships themselves might have an innate ExpeditionNavigation.pngNavigation or ExpeditionNavalPower.pngNaval Power bonus depending on their type. Brought along, these give your expedition a bonus percent chance to overcome challenges. Skill bonuses are additive and with proper preparation and some luck, most events should offer at least one choice that plays on the expedition's pool of talents.

An example: a distiller specialist, who would usually be slotted into your trade union to enhance liquor production, will give a +10 bonus to the ExpeditionDiplomacy.png diplomacy skill when put onto your expedition's ship. Wood and weapons, used mostly in construction and ship building, give bonuses to ExpeditionCrafting.png crafting and ExpeditionNavalPower.png naval power when sent along. The sword displayed in your museum or the bear in your zoo, might give bonus to ExpeditionForce.png force.

Some Specialists and Items might even bring special traits to the expedition, like zoologist, pirate, hypnotists or certain cargo unlocking completely new choices with special outcomes. These unique skills are noted in the tooltip for the specialist as their Trait.

Since all ships have a finite amount of cargo space, bigger ships and careful planning of what is loaded on board, is important for expeditions. For a complete list of what common goods can do for your expedition when taken along as supplies, see the table below in the Expedition Supplies section of this page. For a comprehensive list of what items and specialists can bring to an expedition, refer to the items page and its links to various subpages.

Morale and Supplies

During expeditions, morale serves as your expedition's hitpoints and ranges from 0 morale to 100. The amount of starting morale can be raised by giving the crew a quality ship and loading it with additional passengers and cargo that grant the expedition the appropriate skills. Expedition hitpoints are separate from the hitpoints of the ship. The reason why different ships award different morale when selected, is because these ships might bring their own skill bonuses, and not because the ship itself is harder to sink. The more difficult the expedition, the more goods and items are needed to raise morale by the same value as in case of an easier expedition.

Failing an event when the expedition is underway might lead to extra morale losses, but even when successfully overcome there is a standard -10 moral decrease after all events, likely because of the crew's homesickness. Upon reaching 0 morale, the expedition fails and the ship - including everything on board - is lost.

To mitigate the standard morale loss, the player is given a choice at the end of every event. These choices are:

After every event, the player decides how to deal with the normal loss of morale, or if it's better to return the ship home and abandon the mission.

  • Provide Extra Rations and Continue (At the cost of Rum.png extra rations, decreases morale drop)
  • Continue (-10 morale)
  • Return Home (Ship returns safely with everything that was on board at the time of the decision to return home)

While all goods add to the ship's pool of supplies, only supplies that are labeled as Rum.png extra rations in the Expedition Supplies table further down this page, can be used to mitigate the loss of morale. Extra rations can bring incidental bonuses to your expedition's skills to meet challenges, but they all share the unique trait of being edible (or in the case of cigars, at least consumable). After all, while both Work clothes.png work clothes and Schnapps.png schnapps are listed as "Medicine Goods" and award ExpeditionMedicine.png medicine skill to your expedition, your crew can only drink one of these and only schnapps is also considered an Rum.png extra ration.

Bringing a good variation of different types of Rum.png extra ration along, helps break up the monotony the crew experiences and yields higher moral loss mitigation than a single type can.

When loading additional supplies and passengers, the extra morale awarded is flatly proportionate to the amount of base morale and skills they add to the expedition. Where supplies are concerned, these statistics can be seen in the Expedition Supplies table below. Only Rum.png extra rations have a base morale value, but when they also possess a skill bonus alongside it, additional morale is awarded (double the value of the skill bonus). This makes extra rations with bonus skills particularly useful.

Expedition Supplies

Rum.pngExtra Rations

Extra Rations Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Beef.png Beef 0 +10 Force 10
Beer.png Beer 20 +10 Diplomacy 40
Bread.png Bread 10 +5 Faith 20
Canned food.png Canned Food 40 - 40
Caribou Meat.png Caribou Meat 10 - 10
Champagne.png Champagne 20 +30 Diplomacy 80
Chocolate.png Chocolate 50 - 50
Cigars.png Cigars 10 +15 Diplomacy 40
Corn.png Corn 15 - 15
Icon dried meat 0.png Dried Meat 10 - 10
Fish.png Fish 15 - 15
Flour.png Flour 0 +5 Hunting 5
Fried plantains.png Fried Plantains 10 - 10
Icon goat milk 0.png Goat Milk 10 - 10
Goulash.png Goulash 25 - 25
Grain.png Grain 5 - 5
Grapes.png Grapes 10 - 10
Icon hibiscus tea 0.png Hibiscus Tea 5 - 5
Icon seafood 0.png Lobster 5 - 5
Pemmican.png Pemmican 10 - 10
Pigs.png Pigs 15 - 15
Plantains.png Plantains 10 - 10
Potato.png Potatoes 10 +5 Medicine 20
Red peppers.png Red Peppers 10 - 10
Rum.png Rum 30 +15 Medicine 60
Icon watusi 0.png Sanga Cow 10 +5 Crafting
+5 Force
Sausages.png Sausages 20 - 20
Schnapps.png Schnapps 15 +20 Medicine 55
Icon wat stew 0.png Seafood Stew 15 - 15
Icon teff flour 0.png Spiced Flour 10 - 10
Icon spices 0.png Spices 30 +5 Medicine 40
Sugar.png Sugar 0 +5 Medicine 5
Tortilla.png Tortillas 15 - 15

ExpeditionCrafting.pngCrafting Goods

Crafting Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Alpaca wool.png Alpaca Wool - 10 10
Brass.png Brass - 15 15
Camphor Wax.png Camphor Wax 10 10 20
Caoutchouc.png Caoutchouc - 30 30
Cement.png Cement - 20 20
Copper.png Copper - 15 15
Gas.png Gas - 20 20
Husky Sleds.png Husky Sleds - 15 15
Icon linen fabric 0.png Linen - 15 15
Sails.png Sails - 20 20
Icon watusi 0.png Sanga Cow 10 5 30
Seal Skin.png Seal Skin - 10 10
Sewing machines.png Sewing Machines - 30 30
Sleds.png Sleds - 10 10
Steel beams.png Steel Beams - 15 15
Timber.png Timber - 20 20
Icon wansa wood 0.png Wanza Timber - 15 15
Whale Oil.png Whale Oil - 10 10
Wood.png Wood - 10 10
Wool.png Wool - 10 10

ExpeditionDiplomacy.pngDiplomacy Goods

Diplomacy Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Beer.png Beer 20 10 40
Champagne.png Champagne 20 30 80
Cigars.png Cigars 10 15 40
Gramophone.png Gramophones - 20 20
Jewelry.png Jewellery - 25 25
Souvenirs.png Souvenirs 10 10 20
Icon suits 0.png Tailored Suits - 10 10

ExpeditionFaith.pngFaith Goods

Faith Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Bread.png Bread 10 5 20
Icon scriptures 0.png Illuminated Script - 10 10
Light bulb.png Light Bulbs - 5 5
Oil Lamps.png Oil Lamps - 10 10
Icon candles 0.png Ornate Candles 5 15 20

ExpeditionForce.pngForce Goods

Force Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Beef.png Beef 0 10 10
Coffee.png Coffee 20 5 25
Dynamite.png Dynamite - 10 10
Huskies.png Huskies - 10 30
Icon watusi 0.png Sanga Cow 10 5 30
Steam carriages.png Steam Carriages - 30 30

ExpeditionHunting.pngHunting Goods

Hunting Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Bear Fur.png Bear Fur - 20 20
Clay.png Clay - 10 10
Coal.png Coal - 15 15
Flour.png Flour - 5 5
Furs.png Furs - 20 20
Fur Coats.png Fur Coats - 20 20
Glass.png Glass - 10 10
Huskies.png Huskies - 20 30
Icon lanterns 0.png Lanterns - 10 10

ExpeditionMedicine.pngMedicine Goods

Medicine Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Icon beeswax 0.png Beeswax - 10 10
Citrus.png Citrus 15 20 35
Cocoa.png Cocoa - 10 10
Cotton.png Cotton - 10 10
Cotton fabric.png Cotton Fabric - 15 15
Fish Oil.png Fish Oil - 10 10
Potato.png Potatoes 10 5 20
Rum.png Rum 30 15 60
Salt.png Salt 10 5 15
Schnapps.png Schnapps 15 20 55
Shampoo.png Shampoo 10 15 25
Soap.png Soap - 15 15
Icon spices 0.png Spices 30 5 40
Sugar.png Sugar 0 5 5
Tobacco.png Tobacco - 10 10
Work clothes.png Work Clothes - 20 20

ExpeditionNavalPower.pngNaval Power Goods

Might Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Advanced weapons.png Advanced Weapons - 30 30
Weapons.png Weapons - 15 15

ExpeditionNavigation.pngNavigation Goods

Navigation Goods Base Morale Skill Bonus per 50t Combined Morale per 50t
Pocket watch.png Pocket Watches - 10 10
Steam motors.png Steam Motors - 30 30
Icon telephones 0.png Telephones - 15 15

Expedition Locations

Every expedition type is located in certain regions on the world map. These locations matter as to which items or specialists have a chance to be found in them. The locations are:

  • Temperate Forest
  • Southern Woodland
  • Dry Plains
  • Rainforest
  • Winter Forest
  • Polar
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