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A screenshot of an island in the Enbesa region

Enbesa is the fifth playable region of Anno 1800, inspired by the Horn of Africa region and the expansion of European interests in east Africa in the 19th century. The region and associated content is unlocked by purchasing the Icon dlc land of lions.png Land of Lions DLC and then completing an expedition which becomes available shortly after reaching 100 Artisans.png Artisans. Islands in the Enbesa region can be built up with a population of Icon resident sheperd 0.png Shepherds and Icon resident elder 0.png Elders.

Story Campaign

Land of Lions DLC adds a new singleplayer main storyline quest campaign. It starts shortly after reaching 100 Artisans in the Icon session moderate 0.png The Old World region. Upon reaching the new Icon session land of lions 0.png Enbesa region the player is introduced to Emperor Ketema who continues the main story quest campaign for the region, during which they are introduced to the residents of three story islands, each of which has their own quest chain. The following pages contain lists of quests that can be offered and decisions that must be made as part of those quest chains:

Main storyline:

Side storylines:

Making certain decisions within each island's story quest chain can provide the player with permanent region-wide buffs (see individual storyline pages for full story walkthroughs and rewards).

The story campaign does not occur in multiplayer games, but the players can still trade with Emperor Ketema's harbor.

Unique Mechanics

A water pump building filling a canal irrigation system.

A water pump providing water for a canal irrigation system.

Canals and Irrigation

Much of the land of Enbesa is dry, and needs to be irrigated using Icon canal 0.png Canals before farms can be built, creating a unique challenge for the layout of your islands. Canals also deliver water required by Fire Stations, and irrigated land improves the yield of animal pastures built upon it.

Taborime and Story Islands

The central island in Enbesa, Taborime, is shared with the player by Emperor Ketema and his palace and trading harbour. The player's relationship with Emperor Ketema is central to the main story quest chain of the region, The Rise of Emperor Ketema.

In addition to islands that the player can settle and build on, there are an additional three small islands in Enbesa that cannot be settled. These three islands and their representatives are involved in the region's story quest chain. The islands are:

  • Waha Desher - A once prosperous but now struggling oasis village.
  • Kidusi Anitoni - An island temple, home to traditional priestesses who ask that you respect their faith.
  • Angereb - A fortress island run and defended by Prince Caleb.


The population of Enbesa is divided into two tiers:

Additionally, progress in Enbesa also allows for an additional tier of workers to be unlocked in the Icon session moderate 0.png The Old World: Icon resident scholars 0.png Scholars, and your Scholar population will require goods from Enbesa.


See: Enbesa production chains

Relation with other regions

Some production chains in Enbesa require goods from other regions:

Icon resident scholars 0.png Scholars in the Old World will demand various goods from Enbesa:

Progress in the story campaign quests in Enbesa will unlock the Icon research center 0.png Research Institute for construction in the Old World. In multiplayer games, this is unlocked after players reach a population of 300 Elders.

Doing quests or diving using the Salvager can reward Animals to be displayed in the Zoo.png Zoo or Artifacts to be displayed in the Museum.png Museum in the Old World or New World. The majority of these can also be bought directly from Emperor Ketema's trading harbour.