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Diplomacy is a system of managing relations and interactions between players, including human and computer players. Diplomacy system involves all human players, all AI opponents and pirates. Neutral traders have complete neutrality and can't interact with factions, they aren't present in the diplomacy menu.


Reputation is a number indicating how much different factions like each other. It ranges from 0 to 100, 0 meaning hatred and 100 meaning being very close and friendly. Reputation has an impact on the diplomatic status between factions, possible statuses are:

  • war - both factions dislike and can actively fight each other
  • peace - both factions tolerate each other and have neutral relationship
  • trade agreement - both factions like each other and can trade with each other
  • alliance - both factions really like and will help each other during a war

Diplomatic interactions

Reputation between factions can be directly influenced by diplomatic interactions:

  • flattering - increases reputation
  • insulting - decreases reputation
  • offering money gift - increases reputation
  • asking for signing a better diplomatic treaty - if successful grants a better treaty
  • revoking the existing treaty - reverts the diplomatic status to the worse one
  • requesting ceasefire - if successful grants a ceasefire agreement which lasts 2 hours
  • requesting non-aggression pact - if successful grants a non-aggression pact which lasts 5 hours
  • declaring war - starts a full-fledged war with the other faction

Revoking the existing treaty or declaring war are the two interactions which always work and have 100% success chance. Other interactions can have different success chances, which are described by following phrases, from the lowest to the highest chance of success:

  • zero: 0%
  • near impossible: 0-10%
  • very unlikely: 10-20%
  • unlikely: 20-30%
  • low: 30-40%
  • medium low: 40-50%
  • medium high: 50-60%
  • high: 60-70%
  • likely: 70-80%
  • very likely: 80-90%
  • near certain: 90-100%
  • certain: 100%