Anno 1800 Wiki

Everyone can contribute to Anno 1800 Wiki or to any other wikia. We encourage everyone to add new pages, edit existing ones, fix various issues or give us feedback so other contributors know what can be improved.

Get Started

In general, every contributor should follow certain recommendations and advice. There are no strict rules, but guidelines you should try to follow.

  1. Make your and other contributors work easier. Make pages look clean, easy to use for others and keep the source code as concise but readable as possible.
  2. Use existing templates, icons, images and videos before uploading new ones. Make sure you don't create duplicates of existing resources. If you upload content that is new, please make sure to add them to our special database pages (icons, templates) for everyone to follow.
  3. In case of big overhauls to articles and templates, please make sure to thoroughly test them for mobile and desktop. In short: try to make your articles and content as user friendly as possible on all available devices. You should also consider consulting with other users and/or admins if you plan to make drastic changes.
  4. If you're not sure how to approach a certain task or problem, please check fandom help pages, you can also ask an admin and/or other contributors. Use talk pages, comments sections or blog posts to reach out to all editors and viewers.

Contribution Resources

There are different types of resources each contributor can use to improve the wiki. No matter how big or small your contribution is, these are the most common resources our editors work with:

Article Layout & Style

All articles should be of the same style and layout. We differentiate between tabular articles, that showcase a lot of different objects, and informational pages that highlight a specific actor. While it's not always possible to maintain the same design across the whole wiki, we try our best efforts to unify it for a good user experience.

Tabular Layout

With tabular data comes a problem for mobile users. Using tables and similar resources often overflow the device's viewport and cuts off important information. Please double check your changes with a mobile device or developer tools to guarantee the integrity of the information you want to provide. As an example, Zoo Items uses a tabular layout.

As a rule of thumb, you want to use tabular layouts for data that is repetitive and spans various information, for example Title, Icon, Description and Values. You don't have to avoid using it, but remember the output of content may vary on different devices.

Informational Layout

Most articles on the Anno 1800 Wikia are classified as an informational layout. Most informational articles feature an infobox at the top right (top for mobile) and hold information about an actor's characteristics, for example Fishery. Some pages don't require any templates, however, and are only styled by paragraphs and headings and similar editor features (like this page).

We don't want to regulate how most of these articles should look, as each category of actors might need different treatment. Try to be creative and think about how to present your information as good as possible for others.

Tips for a consistent look

Anno 1800 uses many icons and images and these should be used when mentioning certain actors. We implemented infoicon templates of widely used icons to unify their appearance. Try to use them to reference certain buildings, goods or resources in the game.

How can I help?

There is always something to do, something can always be improved! Many articles could use some improvements and even the smallest edits like correcting typos are very welcome! Step in wherever you see the need. If you want to help but don't know where or how, just ask an admin.


Please use the discussions to talk about various topics with other contributors and viewers. There you can: