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In Anno 1800 you can meet many different characters. The computer players are divided into four different groups. In the first group there are the so-called AI opponents. These are the ones that populate different islands to build empires just as you do. In the second group there are the neutral traders. These are characters who already own a small special island at the beginning and don't expand to other islands. They trade with all players, you cannot change your diplomatic status with them. In the third group there are the pirates. They too already have a small island at the beginning of the game and don't expand to other islands. Pirates are hostile and aggressive, they attack all players' ships and islands. There are also some other characters who don't play a big gameplay role but appear in the campaign or inform players about various events.

AI Opponents

Each one of the AI opponents has its own personality which affects not only the general difficulty rating but also influences their playstyle. AI Opponents are divided into three difficulties: easy, medium and hard.
See each individual computer player's page for more details.

Icon difficulty easy.pngEasy

Bgr playercreation 0.png Bente Jorgensen.png Bente Jorgensen

Bgr playercreation 0.png Princess Qing.png

Princess Qing

Bgr playercreation 0.png Willie Wibblesock.png

Willie Wibblesock

Icon difficulty medium.pngMedium

Bgr playercreation 0.png Artur Gasparov.png Artur Gasparov

Bgr playercreation 0.png Beryl O'Mara.png

Beryl O'Mara

Bgr playercreation 0.png Carl Leonard von Malching.png

Carl Leonard von Malching

Bgr playercreation 0.png George Smith.png

George Smith

Bgr playercreation 0.png Hugo Mercier.png

Dr. Hugo Mercier (DLC)

Icon difficulty hard.pngHard

Bgr playercreation 0.png Admiral Vicente Silva.png Admiral Vicente Silva

Bgr playercreation 0.png Alonso Graves.png

Alonso Graves

Bgr playercreation 0.png Lady Margaret Hunt.png

Lady Margaret Hunt

Neutral Traders

Main page: Neutral Traders

Unlike AI opponents, they are neither direct allies nor opponents, but they are an important part of the game world's atmosphere. Four dealers are ready to provide you with goods, quests and items. Deeper diplomacy is not possible with them, they always have trade agreements with all players, it cannot be changed. The merchants regularly send out trade ships to buy and sell goods directly in players' ports. Each of them has their own preferences regarding supply and demand. Except for Sir Archibald Blake, you can disable all dealers before the game starts. Specific traders can be found only in a specific region.

Old World

Bgr playercreation 0.png Eli Bleakworth.png Eli Bleakworth

Bgr playercreation 0.png Madame Kahina.png Madame Kahina

Bgr playercreation 0.png Sir Archibald Blake.png Sir Archibald Blake

New World

Bgr playercreation 0.png Isabel Sarmento.png Isabel Sarmento

Cape Trelawney (DLC)

Bgr playercreation 0.png Old Nate.png Old Nate

Enbesa (DLC)

Bgr playercreation 0.png Emperor Ketema.png Emperor Ketema


Main page: Pirates

There are two neutral pirate leaders, one in the Old World and one in the New World. The Buccaneers can also be your potential allies. We rise in their favour when we win naval battles with other players. Then we can make peace with them, trade or even make alliances. They sell goods, items and ships, they can also offer you quests. If you are lucky you can even buy some special ships, which otherwise would require a specialist to build. Before the game starts, you can set their difficulty separately or disable them completely.

Old World

Bgr playercreation 0.png Anne Harlow.png Anne Harlow

New World

Bgr playercreation 0.png Jean La Fortune.png Jean La Fortune

Other Characters

There are also other characters who don't fall into specific category and have little impact on the gameplay. They either appear in the campaign (like Hannah Goode) or inform the player about different game features or their progress (like Visitor informing about the activity of Public Mooring and the specialists randomly coming through visits.).