Cape Trelawney is the third playable region in Anno 1800, available with the Sunken Treasures DLC. It is very similar to the Old World as it has the same climate and is also based on the 19th century Europe. It features one big continental island with other large, medium or small islands present in the region as well. 

Big continental island which is located in Cape Trelawney

This region becomes available after reaching 700 Artisans.png Artisans and completing the Sunken Treasures Expedition.

Besides yourself and other expanding players (either AI or human) a neutral trader named Old Nate is also located in Cape Trelawney. He settles a separate special island and provides access to new features: crafting and diving bell ship.

Easter eggs

Screenshot 2019-08-03-03-44-47.jpg

On the island Crown Falls, there is a trail in the mountains that you can walk in first person mode(Ctrl+Shift+R). It is littered with picturesque scenery and Easter eggs - like this Anno 1800 flag at the highest peak!

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