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Having a Blast (Tropical Paradise, Aarhant)

You and your old pal Aarhant were living it easy, but a fateful letter from your sister Hannah means a sudden return to the old world. Since you are too poor to afford your passage, you must earn it by fishing.


  • Select the dynamite from your ship, and try to hit the fish shoal floating nearby. To get a direct hit, you'll need to anticipate the shoal's speed and direction.
  • Once you have the fish on your ship, move your ship to the coastal harbour to exchange them for a travel ticket to the Old World.

Objectives (1)

  • Fetch Stick of dynamite from Derelict Lighthouse

Objectives (2)

  • Use Stick of dynamite on 3 Fish Swarms
  • Collect: 3t Charred Fish

Objectives (3)

  • Deliver to Packet Steamer Office: 3t Charred Fish


  • 1 Ticket to "The Old World"


  • A Ticket Home

Chapter 1 - A Tale of Two Brothers

A Spark Rekindled (The Old World, Hannah Goode)

  • Build: 1 Marketplace
  • Build: 10 Farmer Residence
  • Attract: 50 Farmers

The Apple Falls Not Far From the Tree (Hannah Goode)

  • Clear: 1 Ruined Residence District

Loyalty Repaid (Hannah Goode)

  • Build: 1 Fishery
  • Attract: 100 Farmers

Dull as Ditchwater (Hannah Goode)

  • Clear: 1 Abandoned Market District

Take From The Earth (Hannah Goode)

  • Clear any small ruin for Timber

Toast to the Future (Aarhant)

  • Sustain: 70% of Schnapps suppl for 01:00
  • Attract: 150 Farmers
  • Build: 1 Pub

Family Bonds (Edvard Goode)

  • Have in storage: 4 Schnapps

Black Sheep of the Family (Edvard Goode)

  • Have in storage: 4 Work Clothes

One Final Polish (Hannah Goode)

  • Clear: 1 Desolated Church District

The Pleas of a Poor Relation (Hannah Goode)

  • Find your Cousin leading a mob in the vicinity of Edvard's Great Exhibition construction site

Hard Times (Cousin)

  • Find: 5 Rioting mobs in Edvard's City

Freedom and the Free Press (Editor)

  • Select the Editor and his crew at Edvard's Harbour
  • Select the Editor's ship at Edvard's Harbour

The Debt is Official (Sir Archibald Blake)

  • Wait for Edvard to contact your about the debt to get your Shipping License

Time for a Raise (Hannah Goode)

  • Upgrade to: 1 Worker Residence

Building from the Ashes (Hannah Goode)

  • Clear: 1 Abandoned Smeltery

Working Class Heroes (Hannah Goode)

  • Attract: 150 Workers

Edvard's Lackey (Edvard Goode)

  • Have in storage: 4 Sails

Scapegoats (Edvard Goode)

  • Use a ship to rescue: 1 Group of Castaways from the prison transport wreck
  • Use a ship to rescue: 1 Flotsam from the prison transport wreck

None of Your Business (Edvard Goode)

  • EITHER: Bring Edvard's Political Prisoners to Eli Bleakworth

Achievement: "Discreet"

Curiosity Killed the Cat (Aarhant)

  • OR: Open Sealed Document on your ship

Achievement: "Nosey Parker"

Hot Off the Press (Editor)

  • Photograph: Sailing Shipyard

Chapter 2 - A Sign of Fire

Bulk Order (Sir Archibald Blake)

  • Sell to Archibald Blake:
    • 1 Schooner
    • 2 Gunboats
    • 1 Frigate

Achievement: "Back in Business"

Any Old Iron (Hannah Goode)

  • Click on: Iron Deposit

Moving Mountains (Aarhant)

  • Select: Excavation Site
  • Complete the first phase of the excavation site
  • Finish the last phase with the help of a demolitions expert

The Demolitions Expert (Hannah Goode, Eli Bleakworth)

  • Search for: Demolition expert's explosives shop near Edvard's timber production
  • Search for the Demolitions Expert in the stone pit at Prison Governor's island (he is next to the crane in the pit)
  • Pay 5,000 coin bail at the Prison Governor's lighthouse
  • Wait until the Demolitions Expert arrives at your harbour
  • Talk to the demolitions expert, who's waiting at your harbour

Industrial Evolution (Hannah Goode)

  • Build: 1 Iron Mine
  • Build: 1 Charcoal Kiln
  • Build: 1 Furnace
  • Build: 1 Steelworks

Warfare (Hannah Goode)

  • Build: 1 Weapon Factory

Follow A Smuggler (Aarhant)

  • Sail to Madame Kahina's lighthouse

Achievement: "Dutiful Child"

The Pyrphorians (Hannah Goode)

  • Deliver Your Father's Diary to Sir Archibald Blake's Lighthouse

Mission to the New World (Hannah Goode)

  • Complete Expedition Finding Isabel Sarmento

Achievement: "Isabel Found"

Chapter 3 - Prosperity

One Hand Washes the Other (The New World, Isabel Sarmento)

  • Fulfill Isabel Sarmento's demands to receive Prosperity's contract of sale.

A Home for the Rebels (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Shelter: 50 Jornaleros on La Isla

Rescue and Refuge (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Collect: 1 group of Prosperity refugees from Prosperity Island
  • Deliver: 1 Group of Prosperity Refugees from Prosperity Island to La Isla

A Bastion for All (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Shelter: 300 Jornaleros on La Isla

Heat Wave (Hannah Goode)

  • Put out all the fires on La Isla

A Look Out (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Build: 1 Police Station

Wolves in Alpaca's Clothing (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Find: 3 Pyrphorians to stop the arson

Release and Ease (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Collect: 1 group of Prosperity refugees from Prosperity Island
  • Deliver: 1 Group of Prosperity Refugees from Prosperity Island to La Isla

The Best Defense is a Good Offense (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Have 2 Frigates in The New World

Refugees Welcome (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Upgrade to: 1 Obrero Residence
  • Shelter: 600 Obreros on La Isla
  • Build: 1 Hospital

Emergency Evacuation (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Approach the fleet to begin the escort
  • Escort at least 1 of Isabel's Schooners to La Isla

Ordered Wildfire (Hannah Goode)

  • Find: 5 Pyrphorians to stop the arson

Pay No Ransom (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Rescue Pyrphorian hostages from Western Prison Camp
  • Rescue Pyrphorian hostages from Southern Prison Camp
  • Rescue Pyrphorian hostages from Eastern Prison Camp
  • Deliver Pyrphorian Hostages to Isabel Sarmento's Lighthouse

Achievement: "Special Operations"

Follow the Lead (Isabel Sarmento)

  • Complete Expedition The Contract

Chapter 4 - The Torch Passes

The Confrontation (The Old World, Hannah Goode)

  • Deliver: Contract of Sale for the Island of Prosperity from your Trading Post to Edvard

Justitia (Sir Archibald Blake)

  • Select: Court of Justice: Foundations
  • Finish the first phase of the Court of Justice
  • Finish the second phase of the Court of Justice
  • Finish the last phase of the Court of Justice

Come What May (Aarhant)

  • Build: 2 Mounted Guns
  • Build: 2 Cannon Towers
  • Build: 1 Repair Crane
  • Build the structures at Ditch Water

Noblesse Oblige (The Queen)

  • Click on: Her Majesty's Flagship

Prosecution (The Queen)

  • Pick up: Court Summons from The Queen's Flagship

Final Battle (Sir Archibald Blake)

  • Destroy: 7 Pyrphorian Warships at Bright Sands harbour
  • Destroy: 4 Pyrphorian Command Ships at Bright Sands harbour
  • Destroy: Pyrphorian Grandmaster's Battle Cruiser at Bright Sands harbour

Achievements: "For Company,...", "...Queen,...", "...and Empire."

The First Flame (Aarhant)

  • Destroy: 4 Pyrphorian Attack Ships approaching your harbour
  • Destroy: 1 Pyrphorian Command Ship approaching your harbour

Voluntary Quest: Aarhant Proposes A Battle Plan (Aarhant)

  • Construct: 16 Frigates
  • OR Construct: 10 Ships-of-the-line

Voluntary Quest: Exodus (Hannah Goode)

  • Slip past the Pyrphorian patrols to the Bright Sands Sewer Exit

Achievement: "Fire and Rescue"

Voluntary Quest: Sovereign Aid (Sir Archibald Blake)*

  • Approach the ship to begin the escort
  • Reward: 40 Sails, 40 Weapons

Achievement: "Supply Chain Management"

Voluntary Quest: Pyromania (Hannah Goode)*

  • Find: 5 Pyrphorian Arsonist

Achievement: "Fire and Rescue"

*Pyromania and Sovereign Aid repeat if failed, as long as the Pyrphorian Grandmaster's Battle Cruiser is alive.

Campaign - The End

A Dream of Our Own (Hannah Goode)

  • Attract to Bright Sands: 500 Engineers