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Several bus stops connected to each other form a bus network. To connect two bus stops together their street range has to overlap. Connecting more bus stops requires their street range to overlap with the range of any bus stop that has already been within the network. Once a bus stop belongs to the network it can provide connections to hotels or venues located within its circular range.

Connection strength

The strength of the connection between two bus stops depends on the road distance between them, which is calculated from the first tile adjacent to the bus stop and goes until one tile away from the tile adjacent to the second bus stop. For the fulfilment of tourists' needs only the distance between bus stops matter. The distance between the building and its bus stop has no importance, as long as the building is inside the circular range of the bus stop. The distance between a hotel and a venue also does not matter, only the distance between the bus stops matter.

Each bus stop put in between two other bus stops effectively decreases the distance between them, thus letting you put those bus stops further away from each other, while providing the same level of connection to venues for the tourists. This is because the distance within the bus network is calculated as a sum of distances between consecutive bus stops. Bus stop placed with its shorter side along the road lets you save up 1 tile, while when placed with its longer side along the road it lets you save up 2 tiles. Bus stops placed on the corners of the streets effectively let you save up 5 tiles.

Tourists' needs fulfilment

Unique buildings

Two basic needs and three hotspot needs of tourists are based on unique buildings which can be placed only once on an island. In case of those buildings, the distance of their bus stops to the hotels' bus stops does not matter. Those buildings behave as if they had an infinite range and can be placed as far away from the hotels as you want, and the fulfilment of those needs will always stay at 100% as long as they are connected to the bus network. Two of those buildings have additional requirements for the 100% fulfilment, all unique buildings with infinite range are:

Other buildings

Other building-based tourists' needs can be fulfilled at 100% only if the effective distance between the venue's bus stop and the hotel's bus stop is equal or less than 30 tiles over dirt roads or 45 tiles over paved streets. If the distance is longer the fulfilment linearly decreases until the distance reaches 300 tiles over dirt roads or 450 tiles over paved streets, when the fulfilment reaches its minimum limit. The minimum fulfilment is 75% in case of culture buildings: Zoos, Museums and Botanical Gardens. The minimum is 25% in case of basic needs: Variety Theatres, Restaurants, Cafés and Bars.

Moreover, the culture buildings require 300 Attractiveness.png to be able to provide maximum fulfilment. More attractiveness does not enable you to put those buildings further away within the network, while the fulfilment from buildings which provide less than 300 Attractiveness.png decreases linearly until reaching 0 fulfilment if they provide 0 Attractiveness.png.

Each bus stop detects only the buildings which are the closest to it within the network. Therefore it is recommended to build bus stops only nearby those culture buildings which do provide enough attractiveness. Given relatively low attractiveness requirement for the culture buildings and no benefit from increasing attractiveness in the same building above the 300 threshold, it is a good idea to divide your culture items between several buildings. This allows to put the culture buildings in different spots within your city also allowing to spread the hotels while keeping high fulfilment of tourists' needs.