Take your empire’s farming efforts to the next level with Anno 1800’s Bright Harvest DLC.
Massively increase productivity across all your farms in the Old and New World, featuring new innovations such as tractors. These new innovations will work across all game sessions. Carefully plan your network of oil refineries and farms to make sure your tractors don’t run out of fuel. New fodder silos increase the efficiency of animal farms in all corners of your empire. Make your cities even more lifelike with a selection of new agricultural and industrial ornaments. Prove your farming prowess with five new Challenges and three new Ubisoft Club Rewards to unlock.

Bright Harvest DLC is the second DLC of the Season 2 Pass, released on June 2, 2020. It adds Silo.pngSilos and TractorBarn.pngTractor Barns which increase the efficiency of animal and crop farms respectively. Silos consume specific resources to improve animal farms, while Tractor Barns boost crop farms but need a Fuel.pngFuel Station nearby to function properly. A Fuel Station turns Oil.pngOil into fuel which powers up all nearby tractor barns. The DLC also adds the third upgrade to Oil Harbours and a set of agricultural and industrial ornaments.

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