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Bright Harvest is the sixth Anno 1800 DLC and was released on June 2, 2020. It is the second DLC of the Season 2 Pass. It adds Silo.pngSilos and TractorBarn.pngTractor Barns which increase the efficiency of animal and crop farms respectively. Silos consume specific resources to improve animal farms, while Tractor Barns boost crop farms but need a Fuel.pngFuel Station nearby to function properly. A Fuel Station turns Oil.pngOil into fuel which powers up all nearby tractor barns. The DLC also adds the third upgrade to Oil Harbours and a set of agricultural and industrial ornaments.

Official description

Revisit your near-perfect cities with mechanized agriculture! Gleaming new machines and tractors mean bigger farms and fewer farmhands. Simply fuel up your monsters and cut them loose on the cabbages! Build silos to raise and graze your livestock a whole lot more easily. Sow the seeds of progress and reap a bright harvest!

New Content

  • Silos - Improve your livestock farming with silos! They use whichever type of fodder is available in the region, to increase the productivity of all animal farms.
  • Tractors - Drive tractors right onto your crop farms! Powered by fuel, tractors will allow your farm fields to extend further, offering a better yield and requiring far fewer farmhands.
  • Fuel Stations - A pivotal element of your tractor system, fuel stations will refine crude oil into fuel and deliver it to all nearby tractors!