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Banan1996.1996 Banan1996.1996 10 June 2021

Trade route time formula

The following blog is meant to provide formulas for calculating the time it takes for a ship on the trade route to transport goods between two islands. It will probably be explained more thoroughly in the future and will be a part of main part of the wiki.

Time it takes for a ship on the trade route to load goods, transport them to another island, unload/load goods and come back to original island is as follows:

Overall time = Loading time on starting island + Travel time from the first island to the second + (Waiting time for a pier to be free) + Unloading/loading time on the second island + Travel time from the second island back to the first island + (Waiting time for a pier to be free)

Loading time can be represented by the following gene…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 9 August 2020

Goods Pages update

I have been working at goods pages for a bit on goods pages automation. The following source text snippets are incomplete: partial and item-based production chains are absent, and text-wise they are very repetitive and simple. However, most of the items, normal production chains, expedition data, usage data, and infoboxes are complete, so that should save on a lot of work.

If you want to start creating these (incomplete) goods pages, feel free. I might come back with an update when I finally get all item-based production chains somehow. Emphasis on might: it's a very messy web of interactions and I may not have time for it.

Edit: something went wrong with text encoding: Some item names have garbled characters and need to be corrected.


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Kered 14 Kered 14 5 August 2020

All Regular Producton Chains

I have made these production chains from the data on this wiki using python with pandas.

If you have any suggestions or changes, I can recalculate all of them in ~5 seconds (it may take longer to code the suggestion in).

These do not take items into account (yet). They do enumerate all possible combinations of buildings to produce a good. Arctic lumberjack to new world sawmill, etc.

I do not know what to call these various combinations. If you have a programmable suggestion (something that only depends on the data of the chain in question), I can code that in. Anything that needs context/human insight is probably faster done manually.

If you want to use these on an article or blog post, feel free to put them in Template:PCList with a good head…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 4 August 2020

Template:PCList header pattern standardization

Template:PCList is the primary repository of production chains on this wiki.

Since it is so central, it should be very predictable to use. Not only does this make it easier for other editors to know what to call, but it also allows trivial composition with helper templates later down the road.

  • 1 Current Parameter Patterns
  • 2 My Proposal
  • 3 Your Input
  • 4 Appendices
    • 4.1 Appendix A: Partial Production Chains
  • 5 Discussion

The problem is that it is not that predictable. There are 4 patterns in use:

End Product Name
For when the production chain has a clear, single population class.
End Product Name (Population Class)
For when multiple population classes use this production chain (Timber for example).
End Product Name_shortItemName
For production chains coming from th…

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Quadrilus Quadrilus 2 June 2020

Sandbox: Warehouse

The Warehouse acts as a central logistics hub, collecting and distributing goods to your various production buildings. Warehouses can be built anywhere on your island, but requires a road connection to the Trading Post.  The initial Small Warehouse provides two loading ramps.

All warehouses take 20 seconds to unload a cart.

A horse carriage can carry as many tons of resources at a time as their production can hold. The most common value for this is 4t.

Numbers for production balancing for fully loaded horse carriages of productions with 4t of internal output storage:

Small - 2 ramps, 6 unloads/min, 24t of resources.

Medium - 3 ramps, 9 unloads/min, 36t of resources.

Large - 4 ramps, 12 unloads/min, 48t of resources.

Grand - 6 ramps, 18 unloads/mi…

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Quadrilus Quadrilus 2 June 2020

Sandbox: UpgradeCosts

The Trading Post is the beating heart of a player's control and ownership over an island. Islands are not owned by a player and interaction with them is not possible, until a ship carrying the appropriate materials sails close to a flat piece of shoreline and establishes a new Trading Post from the blueprint that will show.

Unlike previous entries into the series, only one player can own an island at a time: The one who has build the Trading Post.

Attacking a Trading Post and destroying it, will not immediately lose the player that owns it, possession over the island. The process of how to capture islands by force, is best described in this page on War - Island Sieges.

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Arbeidar Arbeidar 30 May 2020

Losing money

I'm losing money -100000K every 5 min. but my balance is + 10000K. I don't buy anything from needs. pls help.

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Hagfam4 Hagfam4 21 February 2020

electricity and anno 1800

I like to keep it short. To get your get your electricity to work you need roads and railroads both must touch your power plant. Railroads bring you fuel. Roads put out power lines.

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Kered 14 Kered 14 8 July 2019

Repository Project - 01:

  • 1 The Repository Project
  • 2 Functional Repositories
    • 2.1 Production Chains
  • 3 Future Repository Plans
    • 3.1 More items
    • 3.2 Ships
    • 3.3 Other Repositories
  • 4 Repository Project Input

The Repository Project is the currently active and ongoing project to repositorize all data on this wiki in templates for easy reference everywhere. See my previous blog post for more information on repositories.

This update should inform how far along the repositories are.

Template:PCList is finished.

This repository produces a Chain Template of the production chain in question. The data was extracted from Production chains.

Use the source code

Currently, only trade union items are available. The plan is of course to expand the repository to include all items.

In a similar vein, the item l…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 6 July 2019

Templates, Repositories, and the data structure of this wiki

  • 1 This wiki's data structure problem
    • 1.1 This will not do
  • 2 Intermediate repositories
  • 3 Where are these used?

This wiki has a data structure problem. We do not lack data, we have Production chains, we have Buildings, we have Items. Neither do we have a data presentation problem, we have Template:Chain and Template:Infobox Buildings Old and New World and Template:Item box, which are all wonderful ways to present the information we have.

However, they are difficult to match together. There are many small pages on this wiki that want to show a specific subsection of this data, but they cannot. More often than not, there is simply a reference to the big list, with an implicit "go find it yourself" message for the end user. Other times, the editor has s…

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Banan1996.1996 Banan1996.1996 12 March 2019

Wiki development organisation

I prepared a to do list on the contribute page in an attempt to help organise our work here, please check it out. I know there aren't many editors right now so it might not be useful. But it could be very useful closer to the release when many people will be interested in our wiki and it might get messy. If it turns out useless I will delete it.

I can't and don't want to force anybody to use this list. As long as you positively contribute to the Wiki everything is fine. Currently it lists tasks which in my opinion are the most important, I might also recommend certain ways of editing pages and organising content. You don't have to agree with me and I am always open for discussions.

I will gladly read your opinions about it. I will also appre…

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Banan1996.1996 Banan1996.1996 6 February 2019

New admins needed

Hello everybody!

No admin of Anno 1800 wiki has been active for last 5-6 months. We're getting closer to the release date and wiki needs an active admin to make sure that wiki is being developed properly. Therefore I would like to become a new admin of Anno 1800 wiki and I have to ask if you support me or if you have something against it. 


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