City attractiveness is a new system in Anno, which rewards building beautiful and attractive cities. After building a public mooring on your island, tourists will be able to visit your city, equal to the number of attractiveness of your island. The higher the attractiveness of your island, the more tourists will arrive and more money they will leave in your treasury.

Attractiveness Rating

Each island has its own attractiveness rating, which is based on six factors, three of which are positive and the other three negative.


  • Culture - All ornaments, animals in the zoo, exhibits in the museum and the World's Fair draw attention of visitors
  • Nature - Free space on your island, untouched forests and meadows create a great scenery
  • Festivity - Festivals organised by happy population and events in the World's Fair greatly attract tourists


Attractiveness Levels

Attractiveness level Description Threshold
Hideous As unsightly a blot on the landscape as you are ever likely to see. below -1000 Attractiveness
Revolting A stirring-the-sneeze-in-a-handkerchief kind of place. -1000 Attractiveness
Foul A town as cacky as a well-used dog path. -500 Attractiveness
Funereal A bleak panorama drained of all optimism and colour. -250 Attractiveness
Dreary If only anyone with any damned taste worked for the local council... -100 Attractiveness
Ordinary Ordinary, as in, a bachelor with a "fine personality". Attractiveness
Fair A place at least one person doesn't absolutely hate. 100 Attractiveness
Quaint Nice enough while still remaining deeply weird. 250 Attractiveness
Curious Peculiarity can be attractive. 450 Attractiveness
Pleasant Pleasant? Now we're getting somewhere. 700 Attractiveness
Appealing As well-groomed and presented as a prize cow. 1000 Attractiveness
Picturesque Scenery that beckons like siren song. 1350 Attractiveness
Attractive Something about this places stirs people. Don't ask exactly what that means. 1750 Attractiveness
Beguiling As pretty as a postcard and redolent of all the fond memories you'd expect to follow. 2200 Attractiveness
Enticing Pretty, like bright balloons, riverbanks and calligraphy. 2700 Attractiveness
Delightful So wonderful, it has cheeky scamps skipping down the streets with dripping ices. 3250 Attractiveness
Beautiful A very serious and grave kind of attractiveness that touches the soul. 3850 Attractiveness
Glamorous The kind of place you might expect dresses of the highest feasible circumference. 4500 Attractiveness
Impeccable A flawless, ineffable beauty. Like moondust settled upon ice shards. 5200 Attractiveness
Grand Sumptuous in its sprawl, elegant in its limbs, this city is one of glossy celebrity. 5950 Attractiveness
Superior Notoriously, deliriously beautiful in the most ambitious conceivable way. 6750 Attractiveness
Exquisite As magical as Cinderella's evening at eleven fifty-nine. 7600 Attractiveness


Once having built a Public Mooring, attractiveness will grant a proportional amount of incomeCredits equal to island attractiveness multiplied by 3,6 (rounded down). Each tourist arriving to your islands will spend money on activities and souvenirs, which increase your income per minute. The amount of tourists visiting your island will be refreshed every "visit": every 30 minutes a ship will come to the Public Mooring and balance visitors taking them in or out in order to match the exact value of your attractiveness. Hovering your pointer on the golden ship turning around the main purple figure on the Public Mooring window will show you the time left before next visit.

Public mooring profitability

As the public mooring has a maintenance cost to it, there is certain attractiveness threshold which is required to make the public mooring profitable.

In the Old World public moorings cost 400Credits per minute so the attractiveness rating should be at least 112Attractiveness.

In the New World public moorings cost 250Credits per minute so the attractiveness rating should be at least 70Attractiveness.

Special Visitors

Occasionally some visitors can get so attracted by your city that they want to settle there. They might turn out to be useful specialists who can be used as items in your special buildings or ships. The highest attractiveness levels can reward you with extremely rare and powerful specialists.

The chance of a visitor arriving is based on your overall city population, attractiveness and any relevant items or completed cultural sets.

If a visitor arrives, their rarity is then determined based on your city's attractiveness, with less attractive islands attracting only Common and Uncommon rarity specialists. The chance for specialists to be a certain rarity is as follows for each Attractiveness level from Fair:

Specialist Rarity

Attractiveness Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Fair 70% 30%
Quaint 55% 45%
Curious 40% 60%
Pleasant 35% 55% 10%
Appealing 30% 50% 20%
Picturesque 20% 40% 30% 10%
Attractive 10% 30% 40% 20%
Beguiling 15% 45% 30% 10%
Enticing 45% 35% 20%
Delightful 35% 40% 25%
Beautiful 25% 45% 30%
Glamorous 15% 50% 35%
Impeccable 5% 55% 40%
Grand 55% 45%
Superior 50% 50%
Exquisite 45% 55%
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