The Anno Designer is a windows based program to make building layouts, similar to the ones you can find on the Production Layouts page. Anno Designer supports the following game versions: Anno 1404, Anno 2070, Anno 2205 and Anno 1800.


  1. Download from here
  2. If you can't unpack .zip files, download a program such as WinRar or 7zip
  3. Unpack to a location that you can find again easily.
  4. Run AnnoDesigner.exe.

Known Issues

If you discover anything that is missing in any Anno version, then please report to me via Message wall, or on the AnnoVerse Discord server. Agmas is also available on Discord (AnnoVerse), or via the message wall.


As the original maker of the Anno Designer, Jc.Bernack has stated that he's changed the license of the Anno Designer. This message can be viewed here (link to the Anno 2070 Fandom). This allows us to make our own modifications under the MIT license. The app is currently under active development, and we hope to bring you new features and capability soon.


The GitHub repository for the Anno Designer fork can be found here:


Keep up to date with the latest developments. This discord is also used for collaboration between contributors. Please note this is completely optional - you are not required to join this to make contributions to the repo.
This discord is also available to discuss any questions, errors, or ideas you want to share with us.
Discord Server : Anno Designer Discord
Discord Link:

Help and Support

If you need help or support, or have any other question for us, Ping or DM Agmas or Sting_McRay on the above Discord in channel #general-chat or through the AnnoVerse Discord in channel #user-tools. You can also use the message board of this Fandom.

Anno Designer Screenshots



AnnoDesigner V8.81 - 30th Aug 2020

Presets.json v3.8 - 13th Jan 2021

Version Status

Anno Designer v8.81:
Preset.json : Version 3.7
Icons.json : Version 0.8.2
Colors.json : Version

Update news:

Anno Designer : Presets 3.8

  • Added : City Lights Ornaments
  • Fixing Issue #292 : Wrong Influence Range Ranger Station Anno 1800
  • Fixing Issue #312 : Wrong Measurement Cybernetics Factory Anno 2205

Anno Designer : Presets 3.7

  • Fix missing Arctic Depot
  • Added New Anbesa Building (GU9 Land of Lions DLC)
  • Added Icons GU9 (also Updated Icons Cosmetic DLC's)
  • Updated Color.json to for GU9
  • Added Translation for new tree menus (read known issues)
    (presets 3.6 : Anno 2205 fix)
  • Added Radius to the Arctic buildings, for Heat Shield Generator, if exists
  • Added Radius to the Moon Protection Shield Generators
  • Added Radius to Training Center Buildings (Orbit DLC)

Anno Designer 8.8 Hotfix 1

  • Fixes a rendering bug when calling Normalize or saving a layout

Anno Designer 8.8

  • Ability to select all buildings of a certain type at once. Hold Control + Shift when selecting a building to use.
  • Added search icon to Search text box.
  • Added a list of recently used layouts, accessible via the "File" menu.
  • Actions for registering file extensions, resetting zoom and normalising the layout have been moved under a "Tools" tab in the menu. The "Extras" tab has been removed.
  • Add a "Preferences" window (accessible via "Tools" -> "Preferences...").
  • Can now remap specific hotkeys and actions within the Designer.
  • Update settings have been moved to the preferences window.
  • Added a general settings page, accessible via "Tools" -> "Preferences..." -> "General Settings".
  • Customize the border color of buildings.
  • Customize zoom sensitivity.
  • Language menu now includes images.
  • Zoom to point is now implemented! The zoom to point feature can be toggled on and off via the General Settings page.
  • Anno Designer now has scroll bars on the canvas - this was a major piece of work, and should now make the designer usable for users who use a touchpad. The scroll bars can be switched off via the General Settings page. Scrolling and panning directions can also be inverted.
  • Hotfix Presets v3.5.1 removed menu "CultureModule".
  • Fix "Palace Buildings" missing translations.
  • New Ornament Menu 15 to 19 translations added.
  • Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

--- Older Update information ---
Anno Designer: Preset v3.5

  • Fix Influence Range Arctic Lodge and Gas Mine (#270)
  • Added the missing building and icon for 'Sky Trading Post' (#270)
  • Adjust colors.json ( for Sky Trading Post (#270)
  • Added Amusement Park DLC
  • Added Icons for Amusement Park DLC

Anno Designer: Preset v3.4

  • Fixed wrongly placed Palace Building in Anno 1800 tree menu (#208)

Anno Designer: Preset v3.3

  • Added Bright Harvest Buildings and Fields
  • Added a new Anno 1800 Ornaments menu
  • Fixed wrong size Sand Mine (#163)
  • Fixed missing Promenade Streets and Gardens (#169)
  • Fixed missing Icons (#178)
  • Fixed faulty 'Commuter Pier' Icon
  • Updated default colors (v1.0.0.4)

Anno Designer v8.7

  • Support for displaying the true influence range of Anno 1800 public buildings, based on the roads in the layout. This feature can be toggled on or off using a button at the top of the window (#164).
  • Influence ranges can now be shown permanently even buildings are not selected. This feature can be toggled on or off using a button at the top of the window (#166).
  • Further performance tuning has been done in this release - the performance of large layouts should be much improved.

Anno Designer v8.6

  • fix online update for presets with icons (#162)
  • Presets File Update (v3.2.10)
    • Fix missing building #159
    • added buildings and icons of "Seat of Power" DLC
    • updated default colors
    • added icons for GameUpdate7 and Twitch Drops

Anno Designer v8.5

  • #151 improve performance of rendering
  • #150 draw selection before influence
  • added some default colors
  • Presets file updated to v3.2.9
    • #153 fix german localization (World's Fair: Foundations)
    • added buildings and icons of "Christmas" DLC
    • added buildings and icons of "The Passage" DLC
    • fix: #155 Missing Numbers on Farm Buildings and Fields
    • fix: #154 Add frequently used road bar into default set
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