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Amusements Pack is the second Anno 1800 cosmetic DLC, it was released on August 11, 2020. It adds 16 new ornaments themed around an amusement park.

Official description

All aboard the rollercoaster! The Anno 1800 Amusements Pack includes 16 new ornaments that allow you to construct the amusement parks of your dreams amid your industrial empire, from ferris wheels to street organ players.

New Content

  • Impress your citizens with a stunning roller coaster, the largest ornament in Anno history!
  • Modernize your city’s skyline with a beautiful Ferris wheel.
  • Delight island residents with classic attractions, such as a high striker or a photo wall.
  • Bring your amusement park to life with showmen, including balloon sellers, portrait painters, street organ players, and more.