The Airship Hangar is the late-stage monument building for Anno 1800's Arctic region, which was added in the game's "The Passage" DLC. Like the World's Fair, it is built over several stages, with each stage taking time to complete and requiring a significant investment in resources and labor from your Arctic workforce for the periods of construction.

Its purpose is to build Airships, which are fast, airborne transport units that ignore terrain and cannot be attacked. However, once the AI has no islands remaining, the airship & ships turn into neutral, allowing the defeat of the AI.


The construction of an Airship Hangar is divided into four stages. The first stage requires placing the foundation, which is unlocked after advancing to the ​Technician​ population tier. The next three stages, like the World's Fair building, are built over time and require huge amounts of building materials and workforce.

The building will need to receive a steady stream of supplies and heat, in periods both during and after its construction. This means an in-range warehouse and Heater are permanent features within its placement design.

If a player lacks sufficient free workforce, they can still continue construction on the monument, but progress is delayed. Workforce priorities could always be shifted towards the monument on a temporary basis.

Phase 1/4: Foundation

Airship Hangar: Foundations

  • 30 Timber timber
  • 10 Steel Beams steel beams
  • Unlock Requirements: 1 Technician

Phase 2/4: Structure

Airship Hangar: Structure

  • 50 Timber timber
  • 30 Cement.png cement
  • Needs Heater.png Heating
  • Workforce: 150 Explorers.png
  • 10:00 Minutes

Phase 3/4: Roof

Airship Hangar: Roof

  • 50 Steel Beams steel beams
  • 40 Reinforced Concrete reinforced concrete
  • Needs Heater.png Heating
  • Workforce: 250 Technicians.png
  • 10:00 Minutes

Phase 4/4: Airship Hangar

Completed Airship Hangar

  • 20 Windows windows
  • 10 Steam motors.png steam motors
  • 50 Sails.png sails
  • Needs Heater.png Heating
  • Workforce: 400 Technicians
  • Unlock Requirements: 750 Technicians.png
  • 10:00 Minutes
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